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Issue: Red Robin #25
Subtitle: 7 Days of Death Part Three: The Bigger Picture
Date: September 2011
Feature Characters: Red Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Black Bat (Cassandra Cain)
Villains: Daughter of Acheron, Promise, Cricket
Guest Appearances: Lucius Fox
Other Characters: Tamara Fox

Within the catacombs below Paris, Tim is saved from Promise and the Daughter of Acheron by the Black Bat only to be literaly stabbed in the back by her.
As his blood pools on the floor, a hidden switch is triggered that opens a hidden door into a high tech room. Promised to be immortalized by an unidentified observer who claims to be running the Assassin Tournament, Cassandra is saved from ionization by Tim who then reveals his death as a ploy by himself and Cassandra to enter the base. The observer, however, self destructs the base and disappears. Returning momentarily to Gotham to let Lucius Fox out of hiding, Tim then goes to Hong Kong to assist Cassandra with the Cricket, only for both to be defeated.
Recuperating back in Gotham, Tim starts a new mission against Captain Boomerang.

"Naked villains. Different."
— Black Bat

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Cover Art:

RR 25


Red Robin 25

- Fabian Nicieza

- Marcus To

Chronology:Full List
- Red Robin #17
- Red Robin #18
- Red Robin #19
- Red Robin #25
- Birds of Prey #10
- Batman and the Outsiders #40
- Batman Incorporated #6

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