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Issue: Red Robin #17
Subtitle: The Hit List Epilogue: Back to Front
Date: January 2011
Feature Characters: Red Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Lynx II, Alfred Pennyworth
Guest Appearances: Cassandra Cain, Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Other Characters: Ives, Lonnie

Tim pays a visit to Cassandra in Hong Kong, trading information on Lynx and an assassin Cassandra is after, while Tim also gives Cassandra her old Batgirl suit, telling her that Bruce had returned and that she was welcome to return to the family in Gotham.
Returning to Gotham, Tim buys the old theatre in Crime Alley as his base of operations and after much deliberation, frees Lynx from police captivity.

"No sign she wants to be who she was…but between our messages and seeing her here there’s no sign she isn’t being true to everything she wanted to become…"
— Red Robin

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Cover Art:


- Batman Incorporated Tie-in
- The opening page is reminiscent of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

RedRobin 17

- Fabian Nicieza

- Marcus To

Chronology:Full List
- Wonder Woman #600
- Bruce Wayne: The Road Home (Batgirl)
- Bruce Wayne: The Road Home (Commissioner Gordon)
- Red Robin #17
- Red Robin #18
- Red Robin #19
- Red Robin #25

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