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R.H. Kane Building

Owner: Kane Family
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Batwoman
First Appearance:
52 #1

Located in the Upper East Side of Gotham City the R.H. Kane Building is one of the properties owned by the Kane Family. A unique multi-story building design with a tree growing through its center, the building's apartments are home to Katherine Kane, who reside's in the building's upper floors.
While spending two years in training to embark on her own venture as Batwoman, Katherine's father, Jacob Kane, outfitted a bunker into the center of the building; equipping it with various army grade computers and equipment to aid in her mission.

The bunker itself is a faux-panic room, located and accessible from within Kate's apartment from behind a moveable wall. The bunker has a freight elevator that allows access to the ground level; Batwoman uses this elevator to move her motorcycle to and from the bunker. Another exit exists through the roof of the building/bunker/apartment, hidden within the branches of the tree's canopy.


  • The buidling's name is tribute to Robert Kane, the creator of Batman.
  • The appearance of the modern R.H. Kane building seems to be based off of the retconned Wayne Foundation Building.
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