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Purple Healing Ray

The Purple Healing Ray is a type of ray technology built and designed by the Amazons of Themyscira capable of healing organic matter.

Originally designed by Baroness Paula von Gunther, the Purple Healing Ray is able to heal organic injuries through exposure to the ray's purple light. The ray does this through amplifying and reinforcing the body's own healing processes. While in most cases exposure to the ray has no debilitating side-effects, patients with severe organic damage run the risk of having their natural healing abilities overtaxed if constantly exposed to the ray. This is avoided by instead subjecting the patient to a series of short, repeated exposures over a set time instead of one long sustained exposure.

On two separate occasions the U.S. Government has tried to coerce the Amazons into handing over the plans on how to create their own Purple Ray technology, the latter of which included the illegal prison detainment and physical torture of Wonder Woman. Knowing that the government would attempt to turn the technology into a weapon, the Amazons have refused to divulge any information behind the technology's creation.


  • The Purple Healing Ray is also unable to cure wounds inflicted by gods, or their agents. It is also revealed that the ray is also unable to cure cancer.
  • During the war against the New God-weapon Mageddon, Dianna helped design the Anti-War Ray to combat Mageddon's war-inspiring influence upon the world.
  • An Amazon that oversaw the maintenance of the Purple Healing Ray began wounding herself to see how thorough the Purple Ray could heal, each time wounding herself more seriously. Eventually she was able to grow whole limbs back once severed. After many years she discovered she no longer needed to use the Purple Healing Ray as her wounds began to heal themselves due to prolonged exposure to the ray.
  • On the onset of the Infinite Crisis, the Amazonian blacksmith Io received knowledge from the Olympian Gods to design the "Purple Death Ray", a variation of the Purple Healing Ray designed to kill. While the existence of the weapon did not sit well with many Amazons, including Io, the Amazons were forced to use the ray to defend themselves against the OMAC army.
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