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Project Batman Exo-suit

Following Batman's death at the conclusion of the Joker's End Game attack on Gotham, Geri Powers initiated a new "Batman" program and employed James Gordon to be the new Batman.

After absorbing many of Bruce Wayne's properties following the Batman Eternal incident, including Wayne Enterprises and WayneTech, Powers International CEO Geri Powers initiated a new "Project Batman" program and employed James Gordon to be the new Batman; providing him with an enhanced exo-suit to aid him while on patrol.


The exo-suit is part of a two-piece uniform; the mechanical exosuit and the undersuit.

The exo-suit is made of a graphene armour exoskeleton, this Batsuit possessed 1020 HD Retinal imaging, nightvision and thermal imaging. The exoskeleton possessed a defibrillator to act as an ambulatory response system. At the trapezieus, the exoskeleton had flashers and strobes, also on the rear. Bundled into the vanes of the exoskeleton was a remote override operating system. In the mask itself was a neural guidance system, a vocal projection system, an audio defense system and a retractable thermo-resist blackout visor. On the shoulders were retractable multi-response rocket launchers, which also contained live round magazines, armor pierces, smoke pulses and tear gas. The arms possessed cannons, fire heat and sonics as well as mech ventilation and exhaust manifold. Also in the arms was the programming for the mech's camoflouge capabilities. The fingers were built with a 100 pounds per square inch tacticle response prosthesis and could deploy a cape-shaped bomb shield. The legs contained nitrous oxide propulsion, ejector/rocket thrust boots and anti-grav magnivolt all terrain stabilizers. The back of the mech contained a rechargeable hybrid power cell fuel pack while the front had a spina link digital core processor.






Trainee uniform

  • The Project Batman Exo-suit was dubbed as the "Bat Bunny" by fans due to the suit's twin antenna "ears" giving the impression of a rabbit.
  • Project Batman field trainees also don a special "bat-themed" uniform.
  • The Project Batman field operative is supported by a specialized blimp that also houses their equipment and provides additional intel and oversight during field operations.
  • Gordon nicknamed his exo-suit "Rookie".
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