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Pogs is a game that was popular among children during the early-mid 1990s.

Originally dubbed "Milk Caps" until it was commercialized, the game involves two or more players competing to see how many milk caps (cardboard discs that are inserted between the cap and the lid of milk bottles to ensure freshness) they can flip by slamming a heavy "slammer" disc onto a tower of milk caps.

  1. The players each contribute an equal number of milk caps to build a stack with the pieces face-down, which will be used during the game.
  2. The players take turns throwing their slammer down onto the top of the stack, causing it to spring up and the milk caps to scatter. Each player keeps any milk caps that land face-up after they've thrown.
  3. After each throw, the milk caps which have landed face-down are then re-stacked for the next player.
  4. When no milk caps remain in the stack, the player with the most pogs is the winner.


  • The name "Pog" originates from POG, a brand of juice made from passionfruit, orange, and guava; the use of POG bottle caps to play the game preceded the game's commercialization.
  • Following the game's commercialization, the Milk Discs and Slammers were often decorated and/or themed around various television shows, video games or other pop culture subjects that were popular at the time.
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