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Platinum Flats

Location:Santa Clara Valley, California , United States of America
First Appeared In:
- Birds of Prey #116 (May, 2008)

America's "High-Tech Capital". Half-an-hour away from Star City, it's home to numerous information age companies including YouSpace, MacroWare, NetCracker, Findster, and others. A "rich" and "clean" city, it never showed any outward signs of organized criminal activity until Tabitha Brennan accidentally exposed it's "Metahuman Mafia"--led by the Visionary--after going on a rampage with a magic based weapon acquired from a member.

After this discovery, Barbara Gordon relocated her Birds of Prey team from Dalten Towers in Metropolis to Platinum Flats to combat the group and other local threats while also establishing her own computer company, Clocktower Systems, to help finance her work and act as a headquarters for the team.

Learning that the Metahuman Mafia was under control of a group known as the Silicon Syndicate, the Birds of Prey also learned that the Mafia had been gathering the technology of various super villain lairs (as the super villains themselves had been deported off planet as part of the Salvation Run imperative)


  • Platinum Flats is half an hour away from Star City.
  • The Visionary operated out of the Findster Headquarters and formed the Silicon Syndicate.
  • Wizkid, a ten-year-old immoral boy genius, operated out of the game company, FunHaus Games until he was killed and replaced by the Joker.
  • Gizmo operated out of the software company, Macintech.
  • Matchmaker operated out of Youspace. He used the social network to bring predators in contact with potential prey, with the added stipend to film the resulting encounters on the internet.
  • Caretaker operated out of eBuy. Beneath the building he had built his own enclosed neighborhood filled with vintage collectible houses and apparel. He furthermore populated the neighborhood with collectors he chose based on their eBuy accounts. The neighborhood was populated with 57 captives by the time the Birds of Prey managed to free them.
  • Kilg%re operated out of Netcracker.
  • During their stay in the city, Barbara had Charlie attend Babbage High School. With Helena Bertinelli acting as a language arts transfer teacher.
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