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Pequod 1

Owner: Outsiders
Designation: Battle Cruiser
Affiliation: Outsiders
First Appearance:
Outsiders #1 (2003)

The Pequod is a state-of-the-art transportation battle cruiser used by Arsenal and Nightwing's Outsider's team.

Obtained using funds from Optitron, Arsenal later added further modifications and re-outfitted the ship to possess stealth functions. After the destruction of the Wentworth Bunker headquarters in New York, Arsenal operated from the Pequod as intel officer and command HQ until he quit the team and passed the leadership to Nightwing, who took a newly redesigned Pequod as the team's new mobile base before handing the team over to Batman following a disastrous extraction mission involving Checkmate and Oolong Island.


  • The Pequod is named for the Algonquian-speaking Pequot tribe of Native Americans.
  • The Pequod that was destroyed during an encounter against Sabbac during the Infinite Crisis incident in San Francisco was the fourth or fifth Pequod that had been destroyed by that time.
  • The team's members frequently have sex in the vehicles; much to Jade's despair.
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