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Issue: Orpheus Rising #3
Subtitle: Orpheus Rising
Date: December 2001
Feature Characters: Orpheus (Gavin King), Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Supporting Characters: Oracle, Renee Montoya, Cripus Allen
Villains: Karl Esterhaus, Rasputin
Guest Appearances: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Robin (Timothy Drake)
Other Characters: Ramon Sanchez, Andrea, Michael Akins, Boris, Miles Rainier

Caught standing over the dead body of a cop Orpheus attempts to convince Batman of his motives as the pair deduce the reasoning behind the murder. Meanwhile the Gotham Police are forced to crack down harder on the escalating gang activity, resulting in only further alienating the public. However things go from bad to worse as another cop is killed.

"Now you're chasing me. I like that."
— Orpheus

OrpheusRising3 1 - OrpheusRising3 2 - OrpheusRising3 3 - OrpheusRising3 4

Cover Art:



Orpheus Rising 3

- Alex Simmons

- Dwayne Turner

Chronology:Full List
- Wonder Woman #167
- Batgirl #16
- Harley Quinn #6
- Orpheus Rising #3
- Orpheus Rising #5
- Batgirl #17
- Batgirl #18

- Gotham City
- Batsuit
- Batmobile 1998 - 2000

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