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Name: Oracle
Identity Status: Classified
Aliases: Brainiac
Nationality: Coluan/White American
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Biological Avatar
Last Known Residence:
Clock Tower/Aerie 1
While investigating the domain of a cult leader who was linked to a series of suicides where teenage victims were dressed as teen heroes and killing themselves in public, Barbara Gordon was attacked by and infected by Brainiac, who was using the accultist in an attempt to obtain a new physical body.
Latching on to Barbara, Brainiac attempted to assurp his personality over hers and transform her body in his image. However, with Dinah Lance's help, Barbara was able to maintain her persona and beat Brainiac's down.

After a brief period of being rendered dormant, the virus returns, forcing her to undergo a surgical operation by Doctor Mid-Nite to remove it fully. Following the operation she discovered that she could momentarily move her toes.

During the infection, Barbara gained abilities that allowed her to psychically interact with computer systems.


- Gail Simone

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