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Issue: Nightwing #6
Subtitle: Night of the Monster Men Part 5
Date: December 2016
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Nightwing (Richard Grayson)
Supporting Characters: Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Clayface (Basil Karlo), Gotham Girl (Claire Clover)
Villains: Hugo Strange, Monster Men
Guest Appearances: Detective Harvey Bullock, Duke Thomas
Other Characters:

As the team combats the last monsters Nightwing and Spoiler track down where Hugo Strange is hiding.

"Strange's patients-- Balinoff and the others. I saw session footage-- the reasons they came to Strange, they were in treatment. I almost missed it myself, but it can't be coincidence. Strange chose them. People wrestling with their childhoods. Fighting grief. Fear. Manipulating those around them-- trapped by their own egos. Their faults. Four patients. Four monsters coming together to form something more. I know you better than anyone. The others might not see it, but I do. You said it yourself. Strange is a psychologist. These aren't just monsters. They're a statement. They're his diagnosis... of Batman."
— Nightwing

Cover Art:




- Steve Orlando, Tim Seeley

- Roge Antonio

Chronology:Full List
- Nightwing #5
- Detective Comics #941
- Batman #8
- Nightwing #6
- Detective Comics #942
- Batwoman #1
- Detective Comics #943

- Gotham City
~ Batcave

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