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Owner: Richard Grayson
Designation: The Nightbird
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appearance: Nightwing #16

The Nightbird is a customized sport coupé built and owned by Nightwing to aid during his tenor in Bludhaven.
The vehicle is built with many of the same hi-tech extras as the Batmobile. In addition to a WayneTech-modified 6,064 cc engine (627 BHP at 7,400 rpm), one of the vehicle's most notable assets are the chassis locking clamps that were built so that the car can be fitted with interchangeable body shells, providing changing "disguises" such as a taxi, a station wagon or a police cruiser.
Other armaments include calltrops and a Nomex windshield and ceramic body coating that will take anything up to a fifty caliber bullet and absorb the impact so as to cause no ricochets that might hit pedestrians.

History: After encountering various instances where a vehicle would have been useful, which was even noted by Batman during his brief visit, Grayson used his inheritance to buy Momphrey Motors and used the factory to personally create the Nightbird.

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