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Morning Talk with Linda


Morning Talk with Linda is a Sunday American talk show and infotainment program hosted by Linda Park and filmed at the WCCB Channel 4 TV studio in Central City as part of its daytime programming block.

Having earned the program after graduating from "roving correspondent" with WRSE Channel 2 News, one of Linda's first interviews was with Lila McGrath; a self-claimed psychic who turned out to be a hoax after Linda infiltrated her self-help camp and proved her to be a scam.

Linda's possession by the Irish spirit Seamus O’Relkig (who was actually a synthesised intelligence created by Kilg%re in a scheme to fake his death) sometimes revealed itself on-air, however, the aggressive personality only increased Linda's popularity; so much so that she was offered a continuance on her contract.

As her second contract ran its course, Linda was offered a job opportunity in Midway City which she initially took until Wally West finally admitted his feelings for her; convincing her to remain working in Keystone.
When the recently resurrected Flash (Barry Allen) began acting rogue and fighting other heroes, he appeared on Linda's show (killing her current guest) and publicly announced himself as Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawn); threatening to kill Linda to draw Wally into a fight.

Following the Zero Hour incident, Linda seems to have abandoned the show (or the show was retconned away) and now focuses on investigative reporting full-time.


  • In addition to the Sunday talk show, Linda also co-hosted the Channel 2 News at 6 and 11 pm. Around the time of the third contract for the show and Professor Zoom's on-air attack, Linda seems to have changed jobs from being a news anchor for Channel 2 News to working as an on-air investigative reporter for WKEY-TV Channel 4 News.
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