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Name: Miguel
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: None
Nationality: Black American
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Gangster
Last Known Residence:
A gangster operating in northern Gotham Miguel’s brother, Falco, had been kidnapped and held for a ransom of 1 million American dollars. Miguel gathered the money for the ransom and attempted to send it to the trade off point via a volunteer, Island Jimmy. However Jimmy was gunned down in The Hill district by hoodlums and the money ended up in the possession of Batgirl. Attempting to explain the situation Miguel was instead shot and captured by the kidnappers and brought to their hideout. The kidnapper turned out to be Falco who intended to get himself a piece of the gang’s trade. Batgirl and Spoiler, having followed the gangsters from the drop off point with the money, incapacitated them before the brothers could kill each other and donated the ransom money to a children’s hospital. Miguel was put behind bars by Gotham police.


- Chuck Dixon, Damion Scott

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #20



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