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Name: Mercy Graves
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Vanilla
Nationality: Amazonian
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Bodyguard
Last Known Residence:
- Lexcorp
An amazon from an unknown tribe Mercy Graves works as Lex Luthor's bodyguard, a job she was previously joined with by another hired amazon named Hope.

First appearing under Luthor's employ during Gotham's No Man's Land she enters Gotham to pave the way for Lex's eventual arrival into the area by organizing with the Penguin and commanding Bane.

When the sorceress Circe appears at the White House demanding to meet with Lex. Hope and Mercy are temporarily changed into birds but are later transformed back when Luthor blackmales Circe into doing so.

After Luthor's fall from Presidency Mercy can still be seen with the fugitive Lex Luthor and years afterwards, such as when Mercy is seen alongside Luthor at the unveiling of his "Be Your Own Hero" program, and is injured when she fires several gunshots at Steel, which he deflects and sends back at her, hitting her in the right hand.

Mercy has recently appeared in the Infinity, Inc., apparently wanting to atone for her past deeds. She takes on the moniker "Vanilla" and wears a costume equipped with a special mask that will keep her identity hidden from the likes of Superman and Lex Luthor. When she almost beats a man to death she leaves the team soon after, accepting the fact that she isn't "hero" material.


- Bruce Timm, Paul Dini

First Appearance:
- Superman: The Animated Series
- Catwoman #74 (comic)

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Shadow of the Bat #93

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