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Name: Marque
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: N/A
Last Known Residence:
Raised by David Cain as one of his subjects for his project of creating the ultimate fighter/assassin. The girl who would name herself "Marque" knew that Cain was using her and escaped from his influence. From that point onward she made repeated attempts to kill him and upset his various operations.
Eventually she and Cassandra Cain crossed paths; the two teaming together to kill David Cain. However, Marque's disposition towards killing people caused Cassandra to break off their partnership, with Cassandra disabling her in order to stop her from chasing after her to get Cain.

  • Marque keeps a tally of her kills on her arm; one cut for each kill.
  • Marque is genetically Cassandra's sister, presumably David Cain is her father.

- Adam Beechen

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #1 (Miniseries)



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