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Name: Unknown
Identity Status: Secret
Aliases: Lynx II
Nationality: Cantonese
Maritual Status: Unknown
Occupation: Undercover Police Officer; Gang Infiltration Unit, Gang Boss
Last Known Residence:
Gotham City; Chinatown
Taking control of the Golden Dragon gang of Gotham City's chinatown, the new Lynx proved helpful during the chaos following Bruce Wayne's "death" and the Blackest Night however she always followed her own intentions and as such she and her gang did not sign the truce to merge into the Neon Knights. Instead becoming vocally apposed to it.
When she employed the help of corrupt detectives Cavallo and Wise and began attacking the allied Neon Knight gangs in an attempt to increase Golden Dragon territory, she was confronted by Red Robin and, despite her revealing that she was a specialized undercover Hong Kong police officer, she was handed into Gotham police custody.
However, Red Robin would later spring her from incarceration and allowed her to keep operating inspite of being unsure whether her claim of being an undercover officer was true.



First Appearance:
- Robin #179 (December, 2008)


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