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Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School

Owner: United States Government
Designation: Public School
Affiliation: Civilian
First Appearance: Robin #

The Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School is a public high school in Gotham City. Timothy Drake changed schools from Brentwood Academy to Louis E. Grieve Memorial after his father's company went bankrupt.

Generally of little note against the city's other schools, Louis E Grieve became the scene of a gang-related invasion and stand-off during the city-wide War Games incident.

During a phase in the war when criminal groups were targeting the children of rival groups, a team of mafiosi entered the school in search of Darla Aquista; daughter of mob leader Henry Aquista. Another group of criminals saw the mafiosi team enter and followed after them; resulting in the school becoming bunkered with criminal groups abducting the staff and students as hostages when the police blockaded the school.
While Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing and Timothy Drake systematically neutralized the criminal groups, Darla Aquista was assassinated by the rival mafiosi.

Following the incident, the school became known amongst other students as "Alamo High".


  • Batman walking out of the school's main doors with Darla Aquista's body was the first public footage of him captured on television.
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