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Name: Ling
Identity Status: Dead
Aliases: Lynx I
Nationality: Chinese
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Assassin, Gang Boss
Last Known Residence:
Gotham City Chinatown
Escaping from Wuzhong, China, Ling begged for food on the streets of Marseilles. An adept thief, Ling was recruited by Sir Edmund Dorrance to join his Ghost Dragons gang. Operating with Billy Hue in the gang's Paris branch. When federal agent Clyde Rawlins investigated illegal narcotics that were traced to the Dragons's Paris branch she and Hue were defeated by Timothy Drake, King Snake punished Hue by killing him and punished Ling by taking her left eye.
Filled with hatred for both Robin and Edmund, Lynx moved with King Snake when he relocated to Gotham City's Chinatown and, after a gang war for turf against the Odessa Mob, wrested control of the Dragons from King Snake and lead a career that saw her clash with Batman and Robin on several occasions leading to her repeated defeats causing her to lose face with the Ghost Dragons and losing her leadership. After traveling as a mercenary she was asked by Batman to reclaim leadership of the Ghost Dragons in order to stop them from trafficking children after the Cataclysm earthquake.
During the Gotham Gang War Lynx attempted to expand Ghost Dragon territory by taking over Leslie Thompkins' clinic however this time she was stopped by Batgirl and, while the two women were fighting, Lynx was inadvertently beheaded by one of her men who was trying to help by attacking Batgirl.

After the second Crisis and Batman, Nightwing and Robin's one year sabaticaly, in a ploy to coerce Robin into working with her, a drugged Cassandra Cain has Lynx resurrected and then killed again to pose as Batgirl-killed-by-Robin. The frame-up fails however as Robin turns down the partnership and proves his innocence.



First Appearance:
- Robin #1 (November, 1990)


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