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Issue: Legends of the Dark Knight #124
Subtitle: Captain of Industry
Date: December 1999
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Matches Malone
Supporting Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Delphine
Villains: Shanks, Fantoms
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Danny Flowers, James Gordon

After happening upon a rumor that the Fantoms hold an exit from Gotham Batman goes undercover to investigate but discovers that the exit is nothing more then a death trap filled with cannibals who eat the people the Fantoms send into their lair.

"I sold them their dreams! They wanted out! I showed them out! Don't feel sorry for them. They know what you cops don't! They know...They know what it takes to survive!"
— Shanks

Legends of the Dark Knight 124 1 - Legends of the Dark Knight 124 2 - Legends of the Dark Knight 124 3 - Legends of the Dark Knight 124 4

Cover Art:



Legends of the Dark Knight 124

- Chuck Dixon

- Rafael Kayanan
- Mark McKenna

Chronology:Full List
- Catwoman #72
- Robin #70
- Batman Chronicles #18
- Legends of the Dark Knight #124
- Detective Comics #738
- Shadow of the Bat #92
- Detective Comics #739

- Gotham City
- Batman Uniform
- Batgirl Uniform

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