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League of Assassins Lair (Nyssa Raatko)

Owner: League of Assassins
Designation: Secret Headquarters
Affiliation: League of Assassins
First Appearance:
Batgirl #68

A small township and fortress within the Balkan Mountains, Nyssa Raatko's and her League of Assassins resided here during her reign after the death of her father, Ra's al Ghul.
While working with the Secret Society of Supervillains in an unrealised plan involving a freezing machine created by Mister Freeze, Nyssa allowed Cassandra Cain to sneak into the fortress in pursuit of her mother, Lady Shiva, who was working with Nyssa as the new Sensei of the League.

Interested in gaining her as an asset, due to her origins having involved being under the employ of Ra's al Ghul, Nyssa captured and attempted to sway Cassandra over to her faction, however Cassandra refused; instead managing to convince Freeze to betray Nyssa and attempt to ressurect his wife, whom Nyssa was using as leverage on Freeze, in Nyssa's Lazarus Pit.
However, as Nora Frieze emerged from the pit as Lazara and began killing the people around her and raising zombies, the Fortress was destroyed when Freeze self-destructed his machine during the ensuing chaos.

Following the fortress' abandonement and Cassandra's death while quelling her "brother", the "The Mad Dog" Cain. Lady Shiva brought her daughter back to the Lazarus Pit to ressurect her and enact their second combat duel; resulting in Cassandra breaking her neck and leaving her hanging from a hook above the pit to later fall in and be ressurected.


  • Nyssa owned a similar lair with a Lazarus Pit of similar design on an unidentified island in Europe.
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