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The Knight Gallery


Tallant holding the Knight Gallery catalogue


Designs within the catalogue

The Knight Gallery is a collection of preliminary designs drawn by Bruce Wayne during the design phase of the Batman identity.
While the majority of these designs were rejected, the sketches were kept in a catalogue for future reference. The preliminary designs for Timothy Drake’s original Robin suit and some Batmobiles are also featured in the catalogue. It can be presumed that all preliminary designs of costumes and equipment designed by Bruce Wayne can be found in this catalogue.

In Batman: League of Batmen; an Elseworld where the Bruce Wayne and the Bat Family was defeated by Ra’s al Ghul, Ra’s used the designs in the catalogue to provide suits for his Brotherhood of the Bat; a specialized league of “Batman” assassins. Tallant, son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, would defeat the Brotherhood and create his own Batman group, the League of Batmen, once again using the designs in the Knight Gallery catalogue to fashion their suits.

In 1995, DC released replica of the catalogue to be sold in store; titled “Batman: Knight Gallery”. It ran for around $3.50 US.

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