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Keystone City Police Department

The Keystone City Police Department is the local city law enforcement agency for Keystone City.


Department of Metahuman Hostilities[]

Formed shortly after the Cicada incident, the Department of Metahuman Hostilities is a specialized branch of the KCPD that deals with metahuman crimes. Headed by Detectives Fred Chyre and Jared Morillo, the department operates out of Precinct 242.

Police Garage[]

The 242 precinct's attached garage that manages and repairs the station's vehicular fleet. Run by mechanic "Wheeler" and his daughter Reece Wheeler. After the Spectre (Hal Jordan) whipped the entire planet of the Flash's identity, Wally West found employment working as a mechanic at the garage.


  • The Motor Car diner is a small diner that is located across from the 242 precinct. Wally West ate at the diner on his lunch breaks while working at the precinct garage. Snart also ate at the diner, which enabled him to observe the activities of the police across the street.
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