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Kai Li Cain (Batman: The Doom that came to Gotham)

Name: Kai Li Cain
Aliases: N/A
Species: Human
Nationality: Eurasian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Adventurer

- Wayne Family

Last Known Residence:
- The Argo (Destroyed)
- Gotham City, Wayne Manor


Kai Li Cain is part of the Wayne Expedition adventuring party led by Bruce Wayne. Skilled in lock-picking and other abilities, she was a roaming vagabond until she found herself in Wayne's group two years before the events of the story. In charge of the ship's communication gear on board the Argo, Kai Li acted as communications officer during landing missions.

Kai Li became acting head of the Bruce Wayne Memorial Foundation.


  • Jase Ricci and Sam Liu are credited with creating this version of Cassandra Cain.
  • Kai Li is voiced by Tati Gabrielle.
  • Kai Li was always fascinated by Harvey Dent's magic tricks with his coin and took to flipping a coin like he did after his death.
  • Kai Li seems to enjoy reading as she is often seen with her nose in a book throughout the movie.
  • This is Cassandra Cain’s third animated appearance.
  • An interview on The Beat reveals why Kai Li was created for the animated movie:
Taimur Dar: Speaking of the Robins, it was interesting to see Tim Drake be changed to Kai Li Cain, an analogue for Cassandra Cain, and Jason Todd is now Sanjay Tawde. Obviously, it brings in some diversity to the cast but it also subverts Lovecraft’s infamous xenophobia prevalent throughout his work. That aspect sort of comes into play with the addition of Lucius Fox. Could you discuss the diversity choices in the adaptation?
Jase Ricci: I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t in the back of our minds. But you want to make those kinds of adjustments organically. Especially like you said, you have to be careful saying how much you love Lovecraft because there’s obviously the whole racial baggage and hopefully people know you’re not including that. They came from a story point necessity. Jim Krieg was the driving force for Lucius Fox. Batman has been traveling since he was eight years old and he comes back to a Batcave. How is that Batcave there? Lucius Fox. It was that but also helped us a get a little exposition. There just a little bit of commentary with the bit, “For some reason, people won’t listen to me.” Really, it was an organic addition. Same thing with the Robins. Like I said Batman has gone out since he was 8-10 years old to travel the world and accumulated these young wards. But they didn’t look like they came from around the world. They all seemed British. I fell in love with the Kai Li character. She serves the same function as Tim in the book but here she is a little bit more our way into the world. She’s the relative newcomer to the group. She asks questions that explains things for us. I really liked the relationship that she had with Bruce and Oliver. It was a happy confluence of a couple of things. It was organic but also added variety to your cast of characters.

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