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KFMB Channel 4 News

KFMB Channel 4 News is a television news station broadcasting from Keystone City.

After quitting WKEY-TV Channel 4 News, Linda Park found employment with an unnamed Channel 6 news station and was working for them during the "Human Race" incident where the Flash (Wally West) had to race a galactic foot race as a representative of Earth.

Following her abduction by Abra Kadabra on the cusp of her wedding and subsequent eraser from existence, Linda lost her position with the news station. When she returned a few months later with her husband's help, she gained a new job as anchor for Global Satellite News, however, she was frustrated with being judged as "The Wife of the Flash" instead of "Linda Park News Reporter".
Following an incident in Iron Heights Penitentiary; where the villain Murmur (Michael Amar) released a flesh destroying virus known as the "Frenzy" into the prison populace, Linda was torn between fulfilling her job as a reporter to inform the populace of the virus and supporting her husband in quelling the virus before the city populace turned to mass panic.
In a bid to solve this conflict of interest, Linda quit reporting and turned to finishing a medical degree she had started years before she had started her reporting career.

However, after an attack by Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) caused her to miscarry her twin children and Wally's attempt to remove all knowledge of the Flash's identity from the planet, Linda left her husband and Keystone City to re-ground herself and returned to Keystone and Wally as a reporter once again working for KFMB Channel 4 News.

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