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Issue: Justice League Elite #8
Subtitle: The Aftermath Part 4
Date: April 2005
Feature Characters: Major Disaster (Paul Booker), Menagerie Sonja, Manitou Raven, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Coldcast (Nathaniel Jones), Miss Morphine (Vera Lynn Black), Sister Superior (Vera Lynn Black), Kasumi (Cassandra Cain), Supersonic (Wally West), Flash (Wally West)
Supporting Characters: Wolfwood, Dawn Raven, Naif al-Sheikh
Villains: Christopher Jones, Aftermath, Manchester Black
Guest Appearances: Black Racer
Other Characters:

As Aftermath opens the door to retrieve the Whorlogog in the Source Wall, the surveillance team arrives to back up the infiltration team only to have Coldcast shot by his own brother. Meanwhile Manchester Black takes over Vera's mind just as Manitou sacrifices himself to save Paul Booker.

"We stop. A moment. A breath. Silence...but for the drum. The drum of his soul. I know your secret name, unspeakable though it is. We called you timeless sightless in the ancient tongue, but cal you Black Racer. Here, they say you appear, at the end..sometimes, with a boon for the worthy. A moment. A choice. I am not worthy...but I accept. Inukchuk."
— Manitou Raven

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Cover Art:



Justice League Elite 8

- Joe Kelly

- Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen

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- The Factory
- Aftermath's Ship
- The Source Wall
- Kasumi Uniform
- Whorlogog
- Manitou's Medicine Stick
- Manitou’s Hatchet

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