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Justice League Elite

The Justice League Elite is an experimental division of the Justice League of America intended to handle delicate black ops missions that the primary JLA groups could not touch due to public and political backlash.
Formed from the ashes of the radical metahuman group, The Elite, the Justice League Elite is a not-exactly-sanctioned, don't-ask-don't-tell, covert operations unit-- newly formed to hunt and eliminate extra-normal threats to the earth before they go public.

Following her quelling of a potential global war by offering herself and her group as villains to rally against, Vera Black, younger sister of the disillusioned metahuman; Manchester Black, convinces the JLA to form a black ops division to ensure such a crisis does not occur again.

Tentavily given the go ahead by the JLA, on certain conditions, the motion of the team's creation was “approved” by several nations in the United Nations at the behest of Naif al Sheik, an international espionage agent whom Vera Black recruited to lead the team. Due to his hatred of metahumans she believed he would be able to keep the team in check.

In their probation tenor, the team confronted the Blood Brothers; a pair of brothers who were intent on wiping out the population an entire country lead by a dictator, the Greecean sorceress Circe who sought to obtain the spear of Destiny, the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, the werewolf Wolfwood; who was responsible for the death of Naif al Sheik’s wife and daughter, and Aftermath; an intergalactic druglord who sought to use the Worlogog for his own purposes.

Ultimately, however, the organization was corrupted from within due to the emotional status of several of the team's members, beginning with the breaking of the group's "No Killing" condition; set by the JLA.
The team's detereation came to a head when Manchester Black took possession of his sister and attempted to destroy the JLA in London with the Worlogog.

While the organization was “dissolved” there were strong hints that Vera Black and Naif al Sheik are still operating in the shadows with a new black ops team.


  • The team operated out of an abandoned factory, dubbed "The Factory", at the edge of Somerset, New Jersey.
  • The team had one unbreakable rule “No killing” under any circumstances.
  • Those members who were public heroes, namely Flash (Wally West) and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), wore different costumes than their iconic ones to provide deniability for their presence on the team.
  • As part of his attempt to correct the "corruption" of Earth-1, Superman (Kal-L) dissolves the Justice League and reforms it with members from The Elite and Justice League Elite.
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