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Joker's Last Laugh

Joker's Last Laugh was a global event that occured after the Joker was informed that he had an inoperable temor in is brain that would kill him within a matter of months.
Intending to "go out with a bang", the Joker infects the entire prisoner population with poison, turning them into replicas of himself, and begins a rampage across the globe that ends at the Gotham Cathedral in Gotham City.

  • Annoyed with the Joker, Doctor Clyde falsifies the Joker's CAT Scans to make it look like he has a tumor.
  • Doctor Keating informs the Joker that he has an inoperable tumor in his brain.
  • Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon go out for dinner.
  • Intending to destroy the world before he dies, the Joker insites a roit in the Slabside Penitentiary.
  • As security engages the regurgitant collars, the Joker starts killing Multi-Man in order to have him resurrect with a useful power.
  • The Black Canary and Blue Beetle enter the Slab to stop the roit.
  • Shilo Norman, the former Mister Miracle and now head of Slab security, and U.S. Marshall Dina Bell arrive to back up Slab security.
  • The Joker uses the Multi-Man to break into the penitentiary's lower floors to free Polaris, who in turn frees the metahumans of their inhibitor collars.
  • The Slab wardens activate the Metagene inhibitor gas, however, the gas along with the regurgitant compound causes the inmates to become Jokerized.
  • Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon return to the Clocktower.
  • Batman and Nightwing infiltrate the Slab.
  • The Joker frees and Jokerizes the female inmates.
  • Shilo Norman and Dina Bell attempt to secure the Slab's undersea escape tunnel but run into a freed King Shark and Orca.
  • Nightwing enters the Slab.
  • Shilo loses his Mother Box while escaping and the box is picked up by Slig.
  • Batman and Nightwing meet up within the Slab and discover Black Canary still alive.
  • A Jokerized Black Mass throws the entire Slab into a black hole. Batman, Nightwing, Black Canary and Blue Beetle escape.
  • The JLA return from Ranagar and discover the Joker's breakout.
  • Batman and Nightwing scour the Joker's old hideouts in search of him.
  • The Joker "retires" on Easter Island.
  • Grundy defaces the Easter Island Maoi for the Joker.
  • Effigy defaces Mount Rushmore.
  • President Luthor meets with his cabinet.
  • Joker has Floronic Man deliver Baby's Breath flowers to James Gordon. Woodrue collapses as he delivers them.
  • Chemo spills toxins in Lake Ontario.
  • Joker becomes concerned about leaving an heir to his legacy after he dies and sends out word to capture Harley Quinn.
  • Oracle sends Batgirl and Spoiler to fend off Jokerized villainesses from Harley until Power Girl arrives.
  • President Lex Luthor declares deadly force to be used against Joker and his Jokerized villains.
  • Power Girl delivers Harley Quinn to S.T.A.R.Haven where she and Kirk Langstrom begin working on an antidote for Joker's poison.
  • Oracle starts considering killing the Joker to finally end his threat on the world.
  • Joker decides to start his on Crisis.
  • Shilo and Dina embark to find Black Mass and return the Slab to Earth.
  • Kirk Langstrom deduces that the Joker poison is killing the villains.
  • The United States Military take down Cerberus and the matter Master in Midway City, defeated Captain Nazi in Dresher and cleared out Hub City.
  • Militia defeats White Dragon, Killbore and Warjack in Atlanta with Lady Blackhawk.
  • Joker sends an army of Jokerized villains to the White House to kill Lex Luthor.
  • Black Canary discovers that the Joker's tumor is not real.
  • Shilo and Dina encounter Mister Mind who offers to help them get back to Earth.
  • Harley Quinn creates an antidote and uses it on Doctor Sivana, who is cured of Joker's poison.
  • Joker sends his armies against Atlantis, the White House, Blackgate, Iron Heights, Stryker's Island and Arkham Asylum as he creates country-wide Jokerized Rain.
  • Oracle sends the Huntress to Arkham Asylum to backup Robin.
  • Killer Croc captures Robin before Huntress can find him.
  • Batman, Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man arrive on Easter Island and find the Joker's To-Do list.
  • Joker captures Nightwing and staples a message to Batman on his chest to meet him at the Gotham Cathedral.
  • Shilo and Dina encounter Multi-Man and start killing him in order to get him to reanimate Black Mass' body.
  • The Joker prepares to face Batman in the Gotham Cathedral.
  • Huntress discovers Robin's tattered tunic amongst bones in Killer Croc's lair and reports his death to Oracle.
  • Nightwing overhears Huntress' report and leaves to kill the Joker.
  • Batman, after securing Arkham Asylum, leaves to stop Nightwing.
  • Nightwing nearly kills the Joker but for the intervention of Robin, who arrives to also stop him.
  • Shilo and Dina have Multi-Man reanimate and Mister Mind control Black Mass to bring The Slab back to Earth, reappearing at Antarctica.


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