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JLA Watchtower (Satellite)

Owner: Justice League of America
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Justice League of America
First Appearance:
JLA #7 (April 2007)

Following the Infinite Crisis and the destructiong of the moonbased Watchtower, the Justice League was reformed by Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Superman (Kal-El) and Batman (Bruce Wayne) and with this new reformation, a new Watchtower was built in the form of an orbiting satellite, orbiting 22,300 miles above the Earth.

Linked with the Hall of Justice in Washington DC via an archway-type teleporation system, dubed 'Slideways', the satellite was designed by both Diana Prince and John Stewart, and paid for by Bruce Wayne, the satellite has external defensive and offensive weaponry; a first for a JLA Watchtower.

Rooms in the satellite include:

  • The Kitchen: The League's combat training room
  • Auxiliary Robotics Lab
  • Main Conference/Meeting Room
  • The Trophy Room
  • Nuclear Lab
  • Storage Rooms 1-12
  • Slideways Control Bay
  • Prison

Following its creation, the satellite met its first major test when it came under attack by the Sinestro Corps during the Sinestro Corps War where it was assailed by Cyborg Superman and his Manhunters before being rammed by the New War World as it entered Earth's orbit.

Following repairs, the satellite served as the JLA's headquarters unto the onset of the Final Crisis where it served as a temporary shelter for Black Canary, Green Arrow, the Ray, Tattoo Man, Oracle and Wally West's family during the ending days of the event. Due to damage brought on by attacks from the Justifiers, however, the satellite's life support systems eventually failed and the occupants within died, only to be ressurected with the rest of the universe by Superman's wish and the Miracle Machine.

The satellite continued to serve the JLA unto the occurrence of the Flashpoint event, where after it was written out of history.

The Kitchen

The Lounge


  • Jim Lee was called to design the new headquarters. Writer Brad Meltzer: "On the satellite, he did six different designs; some that resembled the old League satellite, [or] resembled the JLU satellite. We kind of took a little from Column A and B. I saw in one of his other designs, he also had these drones and I loved those, and I said, 'Can we put those on there as well? I really want to take that!'"
  • The Kitchen was designed by Niles Caulder (aka The Chief), leader of the Doom Patrol.
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