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Issue: JLA #88
Subtitle: Trial by Fire Part 5
Date: December 2003
Feature Characters: Superman (Kal El), Atom (Ray Palmer), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Faith, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Major Disaster (Paul Booker), Wonder Woman
Supporting Characters: Luke O'Brian, Manitou Dawn, Manitou Raven, Plastic Man (Eel Obrian), Scorch
Villains: Fernus
Guest Appearances: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Robin (Timothy Drake), Linda Park West, Alfred Pennyworth, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen
Other Characters:

Things go from bad to worse for the League, as Fernus, the Burning Martian sets people against their loved ones, while simultaneously unleashing nuclear weapons in an attempt to cause fiery suffering which will allow him to spawn, much to Scorch's horror. Manitou Raven is able to make contact with the Martian Manhunter's soul, a soul which has been dominated by the being called Fernus - with the help of the Atom and Major Disaster, the Martian Manhunter starts to fight back. Batman fails in his attempt to reach Plastic Man, but the pliable paladin's son persuades him that he must return to his heroic life. As the League fall to Fernus in Chongjin, Korea, Plastic Man arrives on the scene, but Fernus keeps everyone distracted long enough for a warhead to detonate in the city.

"I don't feel like you're laughing with me, J'onnzzy! That guffaw is the guffaw of pain and it wounds me in sensitive but musky places."
— Plastic Man

JLA 88 1 - JLA 88 2 - JLA 88 3 - JLA 88 4

Cover Art:



JLA 88

- Joe Kelly

- Doug Mahnke

Chronology:Full List
- JLA #88

- England
~ Stonehenge
- Gotham City
~ Wayne Manor
- Illinois
- Chicago
- Japan
- Metropolis
- New York City
~ Manhattan
~ Statue of Liberty
- North Korea
- The Dreaming
- Batwing

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