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Intergang is an organized crime organization armed with technology supplied by the New Gods of the planet Apokolips. The organization acts as a resource used to track down the Anti-Life Equation which would enable the New God, Darkseid, to enslave all living things in the universe.

Intergang was originally run by the corrupt television mogul Morgan Edge until a heart attack removed him from power. After Edge's illness, Bruno Mannheim took the reigns of power, however, Intergang's days of terrorizing Metropolis were put to an end thanks to reporting done by Clark Kent and Catherine Grant.

The operation came back to life under Boss Moxie, Mannheim's father, and Intergang resumed its criminal ways while no longer tied to Apokolips. Moxie lost control of the business, however, after a failed attempt by Edge to regain control. Instead Lex Luthor began secretly running the organization, with Moxie as his mouthpiece. After Superman intervened and captured Moxie, leadership fell to Frank Sixty, a criminal specializing in cybernetices.

During the Infinite Crisis, Mannheim returned and obtained control of Intergang, reorganized it along quasi-religious lines, complete with a "holy" text known as the Book of Crime or the Crime Bible, which treats Cain as a semi-divine figure for his role in creating the "most sacred" crime of murder. During Batman's year-long absence, Mannheim attempts to bring about one of the Crime Bible's prophecies, involving sacrificing the "Daughter of Cain". While capturing Katherine Kane (aka Batwoman) and impaling her in the chest with a knife, he is ultimately thwarted in bringing the prophecy to fruition by the new Question and Nightwing. Further plans of turning Gotham into a firepit like Apokolips were also thwarted.

As a consequence of most of Earth's supervillains being exiled in a government-sanctioned abduction known as the Salvation Run, Intergang returned and attempted to take control of the Gotham City underworld, becoming involved in a gang war with Tobias Whale and the Penguin. Ultimately it was successful, with Intergang buying Tobias Whale out and making him the CEO of Kord Enterprises which has become a front for Intergang's criminal activities. The organization placed Johnny Stitches in command of Gotham's Underworld as the unified boss.


  • Intergang first appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133 (October 1970).
  • Formerly an agent for Ra's al Ghul, Ra's gave Whisper A'Daire a serum that grants her immortality and the ability to shapeshift. The same serum allows her the ability to create men who shapeshift into different animals. Whisper usually uses her mind control powers to force them to obey her orders.
  • The organization has various legitimit businesses located around the globe that serve as fronts for various criminal activities. Some of these businesses are HSC International Banking, the mining company Ridge Ferrick and, following the death of Ted Kord, Kord Enterprises.
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