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Insider Uniform

Following his return to the 21st century after being sent careening through time by Darkseid during the Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne dons the "Insider" guise in order to freely explore Gotham and assess the state of things that occurred during his absence.

Insider-suit (Bruce Wayne)

Built with a different appearance than the traditional Batsuit, the Insider uniform enables the wearer to mimic a selection of super-abilities through the use of high-powered technology, although the suit's power is limited; requiring a recharge-time after the usage of each ability.
While agile enough for gymnastic manoeuvres, the suit has enough armour to protect the wearer from sword strikes or even take the brunt of a missile blast. The suit can recharge its power supply by either plugging into an external power source or by absorbing energy that is being directed upon it. The suit also enables a direct link to a JLA teleporter, enabling the wearer to hack into the Justice League's teleportation system and teleport anywhere on the planet, although this, too, uses power.
Other abilities include: ability to trace frequencies, and selection of optical visions for infrared to movement tracking and normal.


"Super-Power" Abilities:
SM (Spectral) Mode: Designed for ideal night operation through night vision lenses and light and sound dampening technology.
SF (Speed Force) "Acceleration" Mode: Inspired by the Flash, the suit gives the wearer limited access to the Speed Force, accelerating their movements beyond human speed.
HV (Heat Vision) "Cyclops" Mode: Inspired by the Kryptonian ability, the suit expels a concentrated beam of heat from the eye lenses, although a larger blast can be expelled through the helmet's central "eye" also.
WP (Will Power) "Concussion" Mode: Inspired by the Green Lantern rings, the suit possesses a finger-mounted energy weapon that mimics an Oan power ring's ability to fire a concentrated blast of energy at an opponent.
CM (Camouflage) Mode: Inspired by the Martian Manhunter, the suit enables the wearer to turn invisible for a set period of time.
VL (Veritas) Mode: Inspired by Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, the suit possesses a filament cord that is lined with tactile sensors enabling it to act as a polygraph machine to descern if the individual trapped within it is telling the truth. Like Wonder Girl's lasso, the wearer can also send an electric shock down the cord to shock the entrapped individual.
FM (Flight) Mode: A standard ability amongst meta-class superheroes, the suit possesses the power of flight through the manipulation of gravity and magnetic forces.

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