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Infinite Crisis

The Infinite Crisis is the second of a series of cross-dimensional crisises that threatened the fabric of the Multiverse.

The Crisis was originally enacted by Alexander Luthor Jr, who came to believe that the heroes of the current Earth were no longer fit to be considered heroes began munipulating and convincing fellow heroes Superboy-Prime and Superman (Earth-2) to aid him in restoring the Multiverse and replacing the "corrupt" Earth with a pure and righteous version.

  • Alexander Luthor begins making plans to "save the universe" after losing faith in the heroes in the current universe.
  • Lois Lane-Earth 2 becomes sick and starts inexplicably aging. Kal-L starts doing what he can to make her better.
  • Superboy-Prime gradually becomes angry and homesick and Luthor begins manipulating Superboy-Prime's memory recollections to constantly see his family and girlfriend being killed by the dimensional wave and manages to convince Superboy-Prime that he could get his life back by entering and changing the planet. He begins pummeling on the walls of the nexus; causing temperal changes in the time frame and unknowingly making Lois age more.
  • Finally convinced that the current Earth is a flawed version that is myred in corruption. Superboy-Prime helps Alex with his plan to recreate a new, better Earth.
  • Kara Zor-el lands in Gotham City and becomes the new Supergirl.
  • Darkseid takes an interest in Supergirl and abducts her from Themyscira; Harbringer is killed in the conflict.
  • Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman storm Apokolips to get Supergirl back. A further engagement at the Kent Farm sees Superman entrapping Darkseid in the Source Wall.
  • His powers increased by Alex's Antimatter power, Superboy-Prime escapes the nexus. His escape is witnessed by Blue Beetle but he mistakes him for the Earth's Superman.
  • Lex Luthor sends out a bounty to retrieve his battlesuit. As the Teen Titans come across Electrocutioner, who was both trying to acquire the suit, Robin loses himself and almost kills Electrocutioner. He later reveals to his friends that his father was killed. Luthor later acquires his suit from Warp.
  • Alexander Luthor forms the Secret Society of Super-Villains by posing as the Earth's Lex Luthor and recruiting the likes of Deathstroke, Calculator, Talia al Ghul, Doctor Psycho, Penguin, Merlyn and Black Adam with the promise of mindwiping the planet's heroes.

Day 1[]

  • The Society continues recruiting members en masse. They are taken aback when they receive word that a third-rate former villain named Catman turns down their offer for membership.
  • As Blue Beetle pays Oracle's hangar payments she reveals that the twenty million dollars that was siphoned through Waynetech from Kord Omniversal was transferred to a project called O.M.A.C.
  • Noticing that Booster Gold was using his ATM card, Beetle locates Booster and tells him about the siphoned money. On Booster's suggestion, the two dine with Maxwell Lord to see if they can find out what's going on with Kord's money, but he dismisses their concerns.
  • After fighting a mysterious cyborg called an OMAC near his Fortress of Solitude in the Amazon, Superman returns to Metropolis and has an encounter with Blackrock. The extreme power he uses in the battle scares onlookers and he takes the Blackrock and throws it into the sun.
  • Bruce Wayne learns that he has lost controlling interest in Kord Industries. A new vigilante, the Red Hood, announces his presence to Gotham's underworld.
  • As Speedy, Green Arrow, and Connor Hawke are about to walk in the front door of their home in Star City, it explodes.
  • After parting with Booster, Beetle goes to the Batcave to tell Bruce about how WayneTech is being manipulated. Unintentionally reminding him of the JLA's mind-wiping, Bruce sends him away.
  • Shortly after Beetle leaves, the Red Hood disrupts a shipment to the Black Mask and releases Amazo. Nightwing, with his leg still healing, comes to check on Batman. Batman and Nightwing fight Amazo, Mr. Freeze, and the Red Hood, and recover 100 pounds of stolen kryptonite.
  • Eclipso, now in the host body of Jean Loring, approaches the Spectre. The Spectre, untethered by a human host, is confused and without compassion. Eclipso is able to convince the Spectre to wage a war on magic to eliminate all evil from the world. He begins by battling the Phantom Stranger and turns him into a mouse.

Day 2[]

  • In Chicago, the last remaining warehouse owned by Kord Omniversal is broken into and cleaned out by Checkmate while looking for a prototype mass EMP generator that Max Lord thought could threaten the O.M.A.C.s. Calling Oracle, Superman, Hal Jordan, Power Girl, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Green Arrow, and Black Canary all arrive to investigate. As the other heroes leave, Beetle reveals to Superman and Hal Jordan that the warehouse was holding over a hundred pounds of kryptonite that had fallen to Earth with Kara Zor-El's ship (as Nightwing had already left he is unable to inform them that he and Batman had recovered the kryptonite earlier).
  • Leaving the warehouse, Beetle is attacked by the Madmen and is saved by Booster Gold.
  • A small team of villains called the Six make their first strike against the Society. The Six (Deadshot, Chesire, a Parademon, Ragdoll, Scandal, and the Fiddler) defeat a number of Society agents near the Amazon and plant some sort of explosive device in the ground. The Fiddler performs poorly and Deadshot kills him.
  • Superman battles Doctor Polaris in Metropolis, but Black Adam and Zoom show up to take him to the Society. At night, Metropolis Police Headquarters is attacked by a villain called Ruin; who is targeting Superman's loved ones. Jimmy Olsen is injured and Ruin escapes. When Superman gets home, he and Lois get a visit from Mr. Mxyzptlk. Mxy warns them of a coming crisis and reminds Superman that he must have faith in the future.
  • The Spectre attacks Hector and Lyta Hall in Salem. As Hector transforms into Doctor Fate, the Spectre traps both Hector and Lyta inside Fate's mask. He then blinds Madame Xanadu and begins destroying the gathering places of magic users.

Day 3[]

  • After discovering a blood sample of the Red Hood, which matches Jason Todd's, Batman visits Zatanna, Jason Blood, Green Arrow, and Superman to investigate the nature of resurrection. He encounters the Red Hood again and the Red Hood reveals himself to be Jason Todd.
  • Doctor Light captures Green Arrow in Star City.
  • While Beetle and Booster are at Beetle's home, continuing their search by tracing whomever paid the Madment to attack Beetle, an energy blast from the sky strikes the house and injures Booster. *Discovering that the original Blue Beetle Scarab, which he had kept after Carter Hall had found it in Egypt, had been activated, Beetle heads to Fawcett City; seeing a connection with Captain Marvel between a bolt of lightning erupting out of a clear sky and the activation of a magical artifact.
  • Speedy joins the Teen Titans as Doctor Light makes a statement to the press about his capture of Green Arrow, using him as bait to lure the Titans so he can kill the children of the Justice League as revenge for his mind wipe. All Titans, past and present, show up, including the Flash who tells the Titans the rest of the JLA is busy dealing with the aftermath of their recent encounter with the Crime Syndicate.
  • Defeated by the combined forces of the Titans, Doctor Light is "encarcerated" by Deathstroke and Ravager; pretending to be Batman and Batgirl respectively. Doctor Light is recruited into the Society.
  • Shrapnel breaks into the Outsiders' headquarters, and Nightwing and Starfire head back to Brooklyn to investigate.
  • Cyborg reveals to the Titans about the JLA's mind wiping and Speedy reveals to her teammates that she is HIV-positive.
  • The Society discusses the kryptonite missing from Kord's warehouse and makes plans to recruit Captain Cold and the Flash's Rogues. Doctor Light demands retribution for his mystic lobotomy at the hands of the JLA and Luthor tells him they are building it.
  • Blue Beetle uses the Scarab to enter the Rock of Ages and encounters the Wizard Shazam. The Wizard suggests the energy bolt was not magical in origin. He then teleports Beetle away, but not before taking the Scarab.
  • As a result of Shrapnel's break-in at the Outsiders headquarters, Indigo discovers that Wayne Industries has been funding the Outsiders, while Arsenal reveals that "Batman" has been giving him intel. Nightwing immediately leaves to confront Bruce Wayne.
  • Nightwing confronts Batman at the Batcave about funding the Outsiders, while Arsenal meets "Batman," who turns out to be Deathstroke. As morning breaks, Arsenal and Nightwing return to the Outsiders headquarters in Brooklyn and Arsenal puts it on lockdown; having learnt from Deathstroke that one of the Outsiders was leaking Outsiders information.
  • Spectre attacks outlying areas of Atlantis, the San Francisco Bewitched Club, and the Fountain of Youth.
  • On Alex's order, Superboy-Prime pushes the planet Thanagar off its orbit toward the sun after the planet Rann is teleported into the Polaris System; the people think it is the result of the new planet's proximity. Adam Strange and the Rannians begin a desperate plan to evacuate Thanagar.

Day 4[]

  • Arsenal interrogates the Outsiders to find the traitor and believes it is Shift.
  • The JSA has a meeting to vote on whether to allow Atom Smasher to rejoin the team. Meanwhile, the Spectre and Eclipso decide to attack Kahndaq in retaliation for Black Adam's past imprisonment of Eclipso.
  • Deadshot travels to the Medikwe Game Preserve in Africa, home of Catman, and kills all of the lions in Catman's pride. He makes it look like Deathstroke did it.
  • Beetle reappears in Fawcett City after being teleported by Shazam. As he calls for it, his ship explodes and he loses conciousness.
  • As the school bell rings, the Wizard Shazam summons Billy Batson to the Rock of Eternity and tells him of the dangers of Eclipso and the Spectre. As Captain Marvel, he departs to find the JSA, while the Wizard examines Blue Beetle's Scarab.
  • Superman battles Ruin in Metropolis and finally unmasks him as former President Pete Ross.
  • Wonder Woman visits Wonder Girl at Titans Tower to discuss the recent revelation that Wonder Girl's father is Zeus.
  • The real Lex Luthor activates latent programming in Superboy that causes him to attack the Titans. He breaks Robin's arm. At the same time Indigo's Brainiac 8 programming is activated and she attacks the Outsiders. Brainiac 8 and Superboy return to Metropolis where they are reunited with Luthor and Brainiac. The Outsiders join the Titans at STAR Labs Palo Alto medical facility. Superboy, Luthor, and Brainiac 8 attack them. Superboy breaks free of his programming and Indigo manages to gain control over her Brainiac personality nad begs Shift to kill her before the Brainac 8 persona could return. Shift, her lover, transforms her molecular structure into flesh, forfilling her wish to be a "real girl" while unfortunately killing her in the process. Nightwing, tired of watching friends die, quits the Outsiders.
  • Raven later absorbs the burden of Robin's broken arm, allowing him to heal quickly.
  • On Rann, some of the Thanagarian refugees attack the Rannians, apparently declaring war.
  • Beetle wakes up on the JLA Watchtower. Wonder Woman comforts him and admits she believes his story that something odd is happening. Martian Manhunter receives a desperate message from Adam Strange about Thanagar attacking Rann. J'onn prepares to contact the League to send help when the message abruptly ends, but apparently the fighting quickly subsides, war is, for the time averted, and Adam Strange calls off the request for aid.
  • When Beetle teleports back to the remains of his house, he breaks his goggles and discovers a piece of a device within them built out of Booster's old robot Skeets. Beetle visits Booster in the hospital. While he attempts to go with him, Booster is in no condition to leave his bed and Beetle follows the source of the device's signal on his own.
  • Black Adam convinces Atom Smasher to return to Kahndaq to battle the Spectre. The JSA arrive just after the two have leave, but Captain Marvel shows up with Hawkman, explains the situation, and the team heads to Kahndaq.
  • The JSA arrives in Kahndaq, and, despite Black Adam's objections, they join the battle against the Spectre. During the battle, Power Girl loses control of her heat vision. Atom Smasher offers himself to the Spectre in place of the citizens of Kahndaq. The Spectre accepts his offer, kills Atom Smasher, and leaves, but Black Adam revives him with the lightning of Shazam. At sunrise, the JSA takes the injured Atom Smasher and leaves Black Adam alone with his people in Kahndaq.

Day 5[]

  • Captain Marvel spends the day tracking the Spectre.
  • The Outsiders and Teen Titans (sans Robin and Speedy) are summoned to New Chronus in a Travel-sphere. They help rescue Donna Troy from the control of the Titans of Myth, who had captured and controlled her with the hope that she could save them from an impending Crisis. Donna traps the Titans of Myth in the hell dimension of Tartarus.
  • The Six recruit Catman who, with his pride dead, has no reason to refuse. However, he secretly sends a message to Green Arrow to alert him to these developments.
  • Beetle traces the signal from the remains of Skeets to the Checkmate castle in the Swiss Alps. Inside, he finds a database of all of Earth's heroes and is confronted by Max Lord, Checkmate's Black King. Lord explains that he wants to put Earth's fate back in the hands of humans by wiping out the metahumans. When Beetle refuses to join him, he shoots Beetle in the head and sets the Brother I satellite to autonomous control, activating the OMAC Project.
  • While Max Lord and Blue Beetle are talking, Alexander Luthor steals Lord's files on the planet's heroes and villains to find individuals to power the tower and gains control of Brother I.
  • While Clark Kent visits Pete Ross in Prison, the Parasite twins escape just as an OMAC attacks Superman for the second time. In the melee, one of the Parasites is killed, the other escapes, and apparently, Pete Ross escapes, or is taken, as well.
  • Amazo captures Firestorm in Detroit for the Society.
  • Batgirl travels to Gotham. She suspects that Lady Shiva is her mother, and she hopes Batman can shed some light. He is unable to help her.
  • The new Six arrive at their headquarters, the House of Secrets, and they're briefed by their leader, Mockingbird.
  • Supergirl observes the JSA as they battle Solomon Grundy. When she touches Power Girl, Power Girl's powers go crazy, leading Mr. Terrific to conclude that the pair cannot occupy the same space.
  • Superman and Batman discuss recent events, including Superboy's mind control incident, in the Batcave.
  • The Six are sent on its first mission to Gotham Docks, but the Society is waiting for them and they're all captured.
  • The Six are tortured as the Society tries to learn the identity of Mockingbird. Although Black Adam, now back in Gotham City, objects to the torture, Luthor reveals the explosive device left by the six in the Amazon and tells him another was found in Kahndaq. Eventually the Six escape. In the fight, Cheshire breaks Weather Wizard's arm and Deadshot kills Hyena to send a message to the Society.
  • Ragman is transported from Gotham City to the Mist Woods by the Enchantress and he rescues her from an attack by the Spectre. The pair escape to the Oblivion Bar where various magic users discuss the Spectre's recent war on magic. Animal Man and Vixen are among those there, although they soon leave. With most of the magic heavy hitters disabled, Detective Chimp suggests they form a team to fight the Spectre. Shadowpact is formed.

Day 6[]

  • Wonder Woman and Booster begin the search for the missing Blue Beetle. Batman receives a message from Checkmate Agent Sasha Bordeaux, informing him of Beetle's death. Meanwhile, Booster contacts Oracle for help in finding Beetle.
  • Green Arrow meets with the Flash in the JLA Watchtower to discuss the person targeting his family. While they're there, Batman arrives.
  • After Green Arrow and Flash leave, Batman summons Wonder Woman, Booster and Superman to the Watchtower and informs them of Beetle's death. He also tells them that someone has taken control of his spy satellite Brother MK I.
  • The Titans and Outsiders return from their adventure in space, while Donna Troy remains on New Chronus.
  • Green Arrow sends Zatanna to secretly watch after Speedy while she is at school. She returns to their new home in the basement of the Steadman building and complains to Connor Hawke before Connor leaves to help Black Canary later in the night.
  • Back in Metropolis, Superman experiences hallucinations that Brainiac is taking control of Lois Lane. He takes her home where she will be safe before the hallucinations fade.
  • At the Oblivion Bar, a team consisting of Ragman, Enchantress, Detective Chimp, Nightshade, Blue Devil, and Jimmy Rook leave the bar and return to the Mist Woods where they pick up the Spectre's trail and track him to Budapest. They arrive in the middle of his battle with Captain Marvel. While Detective Chimp and Nightshade take a detour to Dayton, Ohio, to find Black Alice, the Enchantress funnels the power of magic beings from all over the world into Captain Marvel, giving him the upper hand for a time. The Spectre, drained of magic, retreats with Eclipso.
  • Robin accompanies a special forces team to the middle east in a mission against a meta-human strike force.
  • The Six attack a Society facility in Brazil that is being powered by the captive Firestorm. They learn that the Society intends to mindwipe all the heroes. In the battle, Firestorm is released, and the facility is destroyed. Black Adam leads a Society team to the facility's ruins, the team includes Parasite.
  • Fearing the JLA will attract too much attention, Green Arrow approaches Black Lightning and asks for his help in tracking down Doctor Light who he suspects of destroying his home. The two locate a power surge in Chicago that matches Doctor Light.
  • In Chicago, Doctor Kimoyo Hoshi has just learned of Ted Kord's death and has decided to accept the position of President of Kord Industries. As Green Arrow and Black Lightning rush to get there, Doctor Light I attacks Doctor Light II, beating her senselessly, and steals her starpower, making himself even more powerful.
  • Batgirl visits her father Cain in prison, but he won't reveal anything about her mother's identity.
  • Huntress and Nightwing work together briefly.
  • The Brainiac virus begins killing Oracle and she is rushed (with Zinda, Black Canary, and Wildcat) from Singapore to JSA headquarters for emergency surgery.
  • Batman visits Barbara at JSA HQ while she sleeps.
  • Superman and Cyborg arrive to help with surgery.
  • Black Canary leads a team, including Huntress, Wildcat, and Connor Hawke (Nightwing is MIA), that foils a Singapore drug delivery.
  • As Green Arrow and Black Lightning arrive in Chicago, they stumble into a trap and are attacked by Doctor Light's Society allies Mirror Master and Killer Frost. Although the heroes win, as morning breaks, they learn that the battle was a trick to lure Green Arrow away from Star City so that Doctor Light could kill his family.
  • After visiting Barbara, Batman meets Sasha in the Kord Warehouse. Max Lord realizes Sasha has betrayed him and the pair are attacked by OMACs. Sasha is captured, but as the OMACs try to kill Batman, Superman shows up and rescues him.
  • Wonder Woman and Booster continue their search for the missing Brother I satellite, and inform Guy Gardner of Beetle's death. Guy sends Wonder Woman away and he and Booster embark to reform their old Justice League.
  • Thanagar settles into a new orbit much closer to its sun, and the atmosphere of the planet ignites. On Rann, tensions rise between the Thanagarian refugees and the natives.

Day 7[]

  • The Shadowpact regroup at the Oblivion Bar and have breakfast while the Spectre goes into hiding to recover. Captain Marvel returns to Shazam.
  • Shazam tells Marvel to stop pursuing the Spectre as the Wizard prepares to face the entity. At the bar, the Shadowpact form a plan to use Black Alice to steal the Spectre's powers and defeat him. Enchantress begins the effort of locating the Spectre.
  • Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman meet in the Watchtower and discuss the missing Brother I satellite. Wonder Woman departs and returns to her embassy, while Superman returns to the Daily Planet. Batman stays behind, determined to track down Checkmate and the satellite. No one realizes they are being watched by Max Lord.
  • Barbara Gordon awakens from surgery and is able to move her toes.
  • Firestorm arrives at STAR Labs in San Francisco exhausted and with his Meta-human powers acting up. He asks the people there to alert the Justice League about the facility in Brazil. Firestorm is attacked by an OMAC while at STAR Labs.
  • Doctor Light attacks Speedy's school and tricks her into leading him to her home where he hopes to kill both Speedy and Connor Hawke. Green Arrow and Black Lightning arrive, and Doctor Light takes Green Arrow prisoner while he seals Black Lightning, Connor, and Speedy in the building. As Green Arrow watches, Merlyn blows up the building with his loved ones inside. While Black Lightning tries to dig out Connor and Speedy, Green Arrow pursues Light and Merlyn.
  • Wonder Woman suspects her embassy staffer Jonah McCarthy is hiding something, but as she prepares to confront him, she must rush to Themiscyra to see to an injured friend. After Wonder Woman leaves, Jonah forces his way out of the embassy.
  • Max Lord takes control of Superman. While Superman hallucinates images of Brainiac, Darkseid, and Ruin killing the people he loves, Max Lord forces him to return to the Watchtower to kill Batman. He almost succeeds, but Batman activates security measures which alert Wonder Woman. She teleports up to the Watchtower and stops Superman, but Superman escapes as Wonder Woman must tend to the crititcally injured Batman.
  • Superman flees to his Fortress. John Stewart, Hawkman, Black Canary, and Flash confront him there and take him to the Watchtower where they meet Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman. As Wonder Woman takes Batman to continue recovering in the Batcave, Max Lord takes control of Superman again and he flies to Switzerland.
  • Oracle provides the League with his location and Wonder Woman chases after him with Batman's kryptonite ring.
  • Wonder Woman captures Max Lord. When he refuses to release Superman from his control and promises to continue controlling him to attack other people, she finds no other alternative then to kill him. With Max Lord dead, Brother Eye becomes fully autonomous and initiates a program intended to scatter the heroes. Black Canary immediately sends Wonder Woman and Superman to deal with separate crises. *Fire joins Booster and Guy as Wonder Woman finally confronts Jonah and learns he is a member of Checkmate who has been spying on her for months; citing that she and her amazon sisters were a threat to humans due to their powers.
  • Atom Smasher pleads guilty for his crimes in Kahndaq.
  • Power Girl has her first physical with Doctor Mid-Nite due to her disruptive powers. Fire and Metamorpho tell Power Girl that Beetle is dead.
  • Hawkman joins the JSA for Atom Smasher's plea bargain. An OMAC attacks Jay Garrick, Wildcat, Alan Scott, and Hawkman, and is defeated by Atom Smasher as he exits the courthouse.
  • Batgirl encounters an OMAC while in Detroit but manages to elude it.
  • Nightwing discovers the criminal underworld in Bludhaven is tied to the Society. He leaves word that he is looking for Deathstroke.
  • Wonder Woman and Superman consult with Batman separately over what Wonder Woman did to Max Lord, but he wants nothing to do with them.
  • Brother Eye contacts Batman directly and informs him that all metahumans will be killed as per Batman's guidelines.
  • In Russia, Guy Gardner, Booster, Fire, Metamorpho, and Mary Marvel join Red Rocket 7 in his battle with an OMAC, but Red Rocket 7 is killed and Fire is critically wounded.
  • Unbeknownst to Mockingbird, the Six break into a Society facility to steal the Society's intel on Mockingbird.
  • Talia has some success recruiting Gotham villains into the Society.
  • Luthor sends the Fearsome Five to capture Pariah, who has been sited nearby.
  • Vandal Savage quits the Society.
  • Sinestro captures Lady Quark.
  • Black Canary leaves the Watchtower and returns to the side of the recovering Oracle. As they are traveling in Zinda's jet, Batgirl makes contact. They pick her up in Detroit and Oracle agrees to drop her off in the Balkans to find Shiva.
  • Deathstroke finds Nightwing. Nightwing tells him he no longer considers himself a hero and wants to join the Society. Deathstoke makes a deal: if Nightwing will train his daughter Ravager, Deathstroke will consider Nightwing's proposition. Nightwing dons a new costume, and, calling himself Renegade, he and Ravager go on their first mission. They rescue the young Sophia Tevis, a friend of Dick's from his time in the mob, from a halfway house. Dick takes her to Huntress, hoping that Huntress will take care of her, but she refuses. Huntress tells Dick to call Barbara Gordon, and presumably also tells him about Barbara's illness.
  • Meanwhile, Brother Eye attempts to kill the remaining Checkmate agents as part of a purge criteria following Max Lord's death, but latent nanobots in Sasha turn her into a cyborg and save her life.
  • Merlyn and Doctor Light reveal their trap to destroy Green Arrow and set off explosives that destroys Star City. The pair leave the hero impaled on Merlyn's arrows, bleeding out on a rooftop overlooking the remainder of the city.
  • Brother Eye activates all 1.3 million OMACs to eliminate the metahumans once and for all. Sasha alerts all remaining Checkmate agents worldwide to the threat, and Director Bones provides a theory about using an electromagnetic pulse to disable the OMACs. Batman realizes that the Kord Warehouse break-in was targeting a prototype EMP generator that had not yet arrived and he aks Hal Jordan and John Stewart to assemble a team for him while he collects the EMP.

Day 8[]

  • Guy takes Fire to the hospital. While Guy goes to join Hal and John Stewart's team, Booster returns to the future.
  • Superman goes to visit Superboy on the Kents' Farm to sort through his mind control incident.
  • The Eradicator emerges from the ruins of Superman's old Fortress, and with most of the other heroes occupied, Superman and Superboy rush to deal with him. An OMAC shows up and puts the Eradicator in a coma. Superboy reminds Superman that he has a responsibility to move past his personal problems. Superman returns to Metropolis renewed, just in time to save Bizarro from an OMAC. Bizarro spends the rest of the day trying to attract the attention of the Society until he challenges Zoom to a race for membership.
  • A team of heroes assemble in Libya with most of the JSA, JLA, Freedom Fighters and others, including Black Lightning, Animal Man, Vixen, and Wonder Woman.
  • The Teen Titans (Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash) assemble against the OMACs in san Francisco. Robin, unaware of the assemblage of heroes, battles the OMACs in Bludhaven with his special forces team.
  • The Libya group defeat most of the OMACs with Beetle's EMP and a virus inflicted upon them by Sasha, but some 200,000 units survive.
  • After the battle, Ragman and Nightshade join Robin in Bludhaven to help round up some magic-oriented villains who escaped from an OMAC Meta-human prison. As they finish the clean-up, Wonder Girl shows up to get Robin's help.
  • Oracle moves into a new apartment and is greeted with a surprise party. Nightwing is there. After leaving the party he goes to Starfire's apartment, apparently needing to reconnect with the people he cares about.
  • The Fearsome Five capture Pariah. Apparently, Mammoth is captured at some point and returned to the Meta-human prison at Alcatarz.
  • Batgirl locates Shiva and the new League of Assassins, but she is frozen by Mister Freeze and turned over to Nyssa al Ghul. Nyssa contacts Talia, Calculator, Deathstroke and the Penguin, and reports that their plan to freeze the world's oil reserves is ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, Batgirl convinces Freeze to help her escape, and together, they throw Freeze's wife's body in the Lazarus Pit, unintentionally reanimating her as Lazara. Freeze destroys the building, and the Society's plans. Batgirl escapes into the woods with a few reformed members of the League of Assassins, while Shiva and the remaining League of Assassins follow.
  • Hunted in the surrounding forest, Batgirl is ultimately killed as she tries to defend the reformed League from her brother, The Mad Dog, but Shiva carries the body away, convinced this will not be the end of her daughter.
  • Mockingbird tells the Six he knows of their theft of the data on him. Cheshire reveals that she is a double-agent just as the Society sends a massive assault team to the House of Secrets. Mockingbird discovers that someone has taken control of Luthor's spy satellites. Pariah reveals to Luthor that he knows there are two Luthors and that this Luthor plans a betrayal. Luthor shoots him in the head. Mockingbird reveals himself to be the true Luthor, while the Society's Luthor is the imposter. Vandal Savage holds the Society's Luthor hostage and forces him to call off the attack to spare Savage's daughter, Scandal. When the smoke clears, the Parademon is dead, and Deadshot and Deathstroke are both injured, but expect to heal quickly.
  • Shiva ressurrects Batgirl by using the Lazarus Pit and, after confirming that she was her mother, explains that she gave birth to her so that she would stop her. Engaging in another "duel to the death", Batgirl snaps her mother's neck but purposely leaves her dangling over the lazarus pit.

Day 9[]

  • Nightwing and Starfire lie awake in her bed after a night of passion.
  • Brother I releases doctored footage of Wonder Woman murdering Max Lord worldwide.
  • Superman briefly battles Dr. Psycho, Shrapnel, and Black Adam before letting them go, while Bizarro accepts membership into the Society.
  • Calculator goes without sleep to investigate Oracle, who has taken control of Luthor's spy satellites. Black Canary and Huntress travel to Turkey. Black Canary calls Green Arrow to make amends and ask for his help. At sunset, Oracle has a check-up with Dr. Mid-nite. He informs her that she isn't likely to sustain any more regeneration, but there are experimental treatments in Israel.
  • Meanwhile, Supergirl meets with Power Girl at the Statue of Liberty to discuss their recent encounter. Power Girl tells Supergirl they can't be friends, and that she detected a darkness in Supergirl.
  • Calculator contacts the Mockingbird Luthor to discuss Supergirl.
  • Jade recruits Captain Marvel Junior into the Outsiders. Then, responding to the leaks of Outsiders intel, Jade and Arsenal blow up the Outsiders' headquarters.
  • Batman examines Jason Todd's coffin and realizes there was never a body in it.
  • Superman fights the Weather Wizard in Metropolis and sends his robot to protect Lois. A whistleblower offers clues to the spread of the OMACs to Lois, but an OMAC attacks. Superman's robot rescues them.
  • Supergirl goes to Smallville to see Superboy. The Titans (Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Wonder Girl) immediately respond when they see Supergirl approaching. After an awkward encounter, Kid Flash arrives with Robin and Starfire. Starfire takes Supergirl to the Outsiders to help her find Luthor.

Day 10[]

  • Lois Lane returns home after the OMAC attack. Another OMAC attacks her in her apartment. She detonates the gas from her hot water heater, causing an explosion that disables the OMAC, and Superman finds her safe and sound.
  • Despero, having heard the rumors of the Justice League's memory wipes, restores the memories of the old Secret Society of Supervillains.
  • While fighting for Mera's life, Aquaman is attacked by an OMAC. By evening, the JLA tells Aquaman what Lois learned about the OMACs the night before. Meanwhile, sorcerors in Atlantis prepare a spell to save her that attracts the attention of the Spectre.
  • While the Calculator continues his search for Oracle, Black Canary and Green Arrow work together in Star City and make amends.
  • The Flash calls a meeting at the JLA Watchtower to discuss finally telling Batman about his mindwipe. Green Arrow and Hawkman come to blows. The meeting itself is cut short when Red Tornado is attacked by the Secret Society. Responding to the distress call, each member is captured in turn by the Secret Society and their unconcious bodies are dropped in front of Batman in Gotham City. Catwoman aids the League in Gotham and the Villains retreat. Batman lets Catwoman stay at the Batcave overnight while she recovers, but kicks the League out.
  • Nightwing leads Ravager on another training mission in Bludhaven, but while they are out Deathstroke finds and kidnaps Dick's friend Sophia Tevis to use as leverage against him.
  • The Society's Luthor sends Bizarro into the sun to retrieve the Blackrock.
  • The Spectre comes to Metropolis to eliminate Satanus.

Day 11[]

  • Word of the Firestorm kidnapping has made it to the press.
  • Despero attacks the Martian Manhunter on the JLA Watchtower. J'onn crashes toward San Diego and makes a mental connection with Aquaman who joins the battle. However, Despero takes control of the minds of both heroes.
  • The Secret Society (targeting Lois Lane) attacks the Daily Planet. The League captures them, and debates whether to mindwipe them again. Zatanna visits Wonder Woman and Supergirl on Themyscira.
  • Despero attacks the Batcave and manages to mind control most of the Leaguers. With Red Tornado's help, the League ultimately defeats him, but then disbands. Zatanna mindwipes the Secret Society for a second time.
  • Power Girl has her second physical, and leaves early. Power Girl has a hallucination and is confronted by the JSA, including Hawkgirl.
  • Black Canary rejoins Oracle on their jet.
  • A Hurricane strikes near New York. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are reunited and fight an OMAC, then take him to JSA HQ to be cured by Dr. Mid-Nite. They return to St. Roch and fight a Phoenix creature. Adam Strange travels to earth using the Zeta-Beam and asks Hawkman and Hawkgirl to come to Rann. They all teleport there together and discover that war has broken out between Thanagar and Rann.
  • Convinced that Deathstroke will eventually have to take out his allies in the Society, Nightwing takes Ravager on a mission to stop a shipment of Venom ingrediants to the Society. They sneak into a Society facility, see Lex Luthor, and locate the shipment with the Society's own computers. This attracts the attention of Oracle who sends Arsenal to investigate. He ends up fighting, first alongside Nightwing, and then against him. Nightwing makes off with the Venom and delivers it to Deathstroke.
  • Kyle Rayner is sent to investigate a mercenary blockade near the Polaris System, but is forbidden from taking sides in the Rann-Thanagar War.

Day 12[]

  • Nightwing devises a plan with Sophia Tevis to use her birthright to take control of Bludhaven's organized crime and effectively remove the "crime" element from it.
  • On Thanagar cultists resurrect the god Onimar Synn. On Rann, Blackfire of Tamaran, seeking a new homeworld, allies with the Thanagarians, then betrays them, joining the Rannian forces. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are reunited with Hawkwoman, and, together with Adam Strange, they pledge to fight the strange forces manipulating the war.
  • Kyle Rayner discovers that the mercenaries were searching for Nth Metal at the behest of someone on the destroyed surface of Thanagar. He travels with Captain Comet to investigate and the pair are attacked by Onimar Synn's zombie warriors. Kilowag arrives, searching for the defiant Rayner, and after the battle ends, the two begin the process of stabilizing Thanagar's orbit.
  • Unable to locate the Spectre, the Shadowpact begins leaking information of a supposed cache of magic weapons on an island in Indonesia so they can lure him there for their trap.
  • The priestesses of Themiscyra send Wonder Woman to New Chronus to deliver Harbinger's History of the Universe Orb to Donna Troy. After Wonder Woman leaves, Donna analyzes the orb and discovers the coming crisis. She decides to head to earth to recruit a team of heroes to help her.
  • Deathstroke recruits the demon Sabacc into the Society. The Fearsome Five prepare to break their teammate Mammoth out of prison.
  • Raven visits Superboy on the Kents' farm in Kansas. She tells him his soul is growing and he is no longer a weapon of Luthor. She gives him a Titans communicator. Superboy sends her away, uninterested in being a hero for now.
  • The JSA have a meeting and discuss missing members. They are especially concerned about the missing Dr. Fate and Jakeem Thunder. Dr. Mid-nite searches Salem for a lead. Hal Jordon's cousin, Airwave, discovers the presence of New Chronus near Earth. As he and Alan Scott go to investigate, Donna Troy asks them to join her strike force and they agree.
  • Checkmate agents try to take Power Girl's spaceship, but it is stolen by Psycho Pirate.
  • Her powers continuing to fluctuate, Power Girl goes to Metropolis, and sees Superman. She then goes to Gotham and visits Huntress while following a feeling of friendship, and is captured by Psycho Pirate.
  • Donna Troy asks Supergirl and Red Tornado to join her team.
  • Superman goes to Zatanna to make sure he is no longer being mind-controlled and he forgives her for her mind-wipes. At sunset they fight the Toyman.
  • Lois Lane departs for Min-hara, Umec, to find out who tried to assassinate her months earlier.
  • The Parasite returns to Metropolis and meets with the Mockingbird Luthor.
  • Nightwing goes on a secret mission with Ravager. It turns out to be an attempt to kill Superman, but it backfires when Nightwing demonstrates to Ravager the selflessness of Superman's heroics. As the two escape, Superman realizes that Nightwing's villainy has been a ruse. Nightwing then confronts Deathstroke and promises not to poison Ravager's mind with heroic ideals as long as he keeps the Society out of Bludhaven. With the supervillains and mafia out of the way, Dick believes he has saved his city.
  • Aquaman's son, Koryak, finds his father in Sub Diego and tells him that Aquaman's wife Mera is in Atlantis, dying. Aquaman returns to his former kingdom and confronts his old sidekick Garth, who explains that Mera was cursed by sorcerors and is now growing lungs. She is being kept alive by Atlantis' own sorcery, but Aquaman forcibly takes his wife, hoping that the sub Diegan scientist Dr. Geist will be able to cure her.
  • Superman goes to his Fortress of Solitude where Supergirl tells him she is going to join Donna Troy's team. The Society's Luthor gives the Blackrock to a new villain to keep Superman occupied while he continues his plan.
  • As Onimar Synn attacks Rann, Hawkman and his allies make a plan to rescue the Thanagarian Grand Mor, a leader who may be able to regain the loyalty of Thanagar's warriors and end the war.

Day 13[]

  • In the Polaris system, the rescue of the Grand Mor fails when Blackfire betrays her allies, kills Hawkwoman, and takes the Mor with her.
  • Aquaman brings Mera to Geist in Sub Diego, but Geist promptly turns into an OMAC and attacks Aquaman. Unaware that he is human, Aquaman's son Koryak kills the OMAC. With the doctor dead, Aquaman ponders another way to heal Mera without sorcery, but Koryak secretly returns to Atlantis to convince the others to resume their healing spell.
  • Catman and Deadshot, now healed, meet Green Arrow in Venice. Catman warns him about the Society's plans to mindwipe the heroes and shows his disgust and disappointment over the JLA's use of similar techniques.
  • In Indonesia, the Spectre and Eclipso arrive. Black Alice steals the Spectre's power, but since he is a ghost, she has no way to use his power against him. While Eclipso continues to fight, the Spectre departs for the Rock of Eternity. With Black Alice's help, Nightshade sends Eclipso into a permanent orbit around the sun, nullifying her power. The Phantom Stranger finally gathers enough power to return to his human form, and using the little power he has left, he allows the Shadowpact to observe the action at the Rock of Eternity.
  • Arsenal overhears radio chatter about the planned breakout of Mammoth at Alkatraz and assembles the Outsiders. They arrive just as an explosion frees Mammoth.
  • The JSA locates Fate's tower and discover that Hector Hall is no longer in our dimension. They also find a portal to the Fifth Dimension which they beleive will lead to Jakeeem Thunder and Thunderbolt, who have been missing since the JSA's battle with the Spectre.
  • Power Girl awakens as a captive of the Psycho Pirate. He tells her the story of the Multiverse, and though she senses something to the story, she remembers nothing of the alternate world he describes to her. As evening arrives, he lets her go.
  • Electrical storms appear over Gotham City.
  • Wonder Woman leaves Themiscyra to turn herself in for the murder of Max Lord, but is delayed when an OMAC attacks her.
  • In Min-hara, Lois Lane concludes that Checkmate is responisble for her attempted assassination, using it as a way to manipulate Superman.
  • The Mockingbird Luthor tells the Parasite to return to the Society and continue spying on them.
  • A large number of OMACs arrive in Metropolis but do not attack Superman. Superman sees Luthor atop the Daily Planet and is attacked by Ruin. Ruin and Luthor escape.
  • Donna Troy asks Cyborg to join her team, and he puts Beast Boy in charge of the Titans.
  • While Martian Manhunter is talking to John Stewart, who is on Oa, Superboy-Prime enters the JLA Watchtower, captures Manhunter and destroys the base.
  • Batman phones Tim Drake at Titans Tower and tells him Martian Manhunter is missing. Hanging up the phone, Tim is then attacked by Jason Todd who had come to judge Tim's abilities as Robin.
  • The remaining members of the JLA meet outside the cave to pay their respects to the ideals of the league. Batman follows to moniter the meet and is accused by Green Arrow of being responsible for the Watchtower's destruction. Batman leaves to find the real person responsible for the tower's destruction.
  • Batman investigates the remains of the Watchtower and encounters Superman and Wonder Woman. Mongul, having heard of the League's recent breakdowns from Despero, comes to see for himself, and battles the three heroes before escaping using a functioning League teleporter to escape.
  • In the Polaris system, the Rannians finally defeat Onimar Synn with Zeta Beam technology, and his zombie army turns to dust. Kyle Rayner and Kilowag announce that Thanagar can once again systain life, and the war seems over. However, a cosmic storm opens up in the middle of the Polaris System. Using the Thanagarians paranoia that it is a secret attack from Rann, Blackfire convinces the Grand Mor to renew the fighting.
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl aid Adam Strange in the battle against a group of enraged Thanagarians led by Blackfire. As Kyle Rayner and Kilowag also join the fight, Blackfire's army retreats. The group of heroes then briefly investigate the cosmic storm. Across the galaxy, the Guardians of the Universe determine that the center of the universe has shifted from Oa to the storm.
  • The Spectre arrives at the Rock of Eternity and easily defeats Captain Marvel. The Rock is breached, allowing the imprisoned Mordru to escape. As Stargirl, Hourman, and Mr. Terrific enter the portal to the Fifth Dimension, Mordru attacks Fate's Tower and prevents the rest of the JSA from entering.
  • Also as a result of the breach, Sabacc is able to take control of the Seven Deadly Sins and use them against the Outsiders at Alkatraz. However, Donna Troy shows up and traps Sabacc's soul in Katanna's sword, ending his control of the Seven Deadly Sins. Donna asks the Outsiders to join her strike force. Starfire, Shift, Jade, and Captain Marvel Junior join her.
  • Spectre kills the Wizard Shazam and destroys his magic. The Rock of Eternity shifts across multiple dimensions before finally appearing over Gotham City where it explodes. It kills hundreds instantly and shoots Blue Beetle's Scarab hundreds of miles away to El Paso, Texas. Captain Marvel, transported along with the Rock, crashes into the car of Gotham Detectives Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen. Captain Marvel immediately leaves to find his family. The explosion releases the Seven Deadly Sins, causing carnage throughout Gotham City.
  • Inside Fate's mask, Hector Hall dies, but Lyta makes a deal with her son, Dream, who takes them into his dimension for eternity. In our world, the spirit Nabu personifies the role of Doctor Fate. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt and the other JSA members return to Fate's Tower from the Fifth Dimension. As Thunderbolt defeats Mordru, Nabu departs to face the Crisis.
  • Power Girl returns to JSA headquaters, but discovers the team is gone. Ma Hunkle tells her about the battle with Mordru. Power Girls confides in Ma about her day, then cries. Finally, she puts on a strong face and journeys home.
  • Psycho Pirate tells Luthor that Power Girl is ready and gets Luthor to promise that the Pirate can keep Power Girl for himself when Luthor is finished with her.
  • Donna Troy arrives at the Titans Tower (with Starfire, Herald, and Bumblebee) to retrieve Cyborg, and they find Tim Drake, beaten, but alive. Before leaving Titans Tower, Firehawk brings Firestorm, who joins Donna's team as well.
  • Donna Troy says goodbye to Nightwing and leads Starfire and Supergirl to New Chronus as the OMACs assemble en masse over Bludhaven.
  • With Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are on the moon, the Freedom Fighters are sent to investigate a Society facility south of Metropolis. However, the investigation turns into a trap as the Society kills Phantom Lady, Black Condor, and Human Bomb, and sends Damage to intensive care. Uncle Sam is killed and vanishes. The Psycho Pirate captures the Ray.
  • After observing the actions of Earth's heroes and deciding that they are no longer fit enough to be able to protect the planet, Kal-L destroys the nexus barrier and returns to Earth with Lois. at Alex's suggestion they set up a base in the Artic where the original Fortress of Solitude was located.
  • Superman contacts John Stewart on Oa to update him on the Watchtower investigation. Stewart is able to download the the coordinates of Mongul's teleporter with his ring. As Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman part ways on the moon, Batman collects the Watchtower's black box, which he hopes contains surveillance footage that would explain who destroyed it.
  • John Stewart contacts Hal Jordan, who is in Coast City with Green Arrow. He tells Hal about Mongul and sends him his coordinates. Hal and Green Arrow quickly find him in Ohio but they are incapacitated by his Black Mercy parasite flowers which cause the victim to see visions of a perfect life.
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl, in a brief respite from war, make love as night falls.

Day 14[]

  • Chaos reigns across the Earth throughout the day, from explosions to hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding.
  • The Outsiders remaining on Earth catch a morning ferry from Alkatraz back to the mainland.
  • In Atlantis, Garth and the others prepare to use a massive amount of sorcery to cure Mera.
  • The devastation caused by the explosion of the Rock of Eternity continues to wreak havok across the country, particularly in El Paso, Texas. The Phantom Stranger sends the Shadowpact there to save lives. As they arrive, Superman also shows up and stops a falling building from crushing a number of people. He departs to investigate mysterious volcanic activity in California, leaving the Shadowpact to do their job. A teenager named Jaime finds Blue Beetle's Scarab in the rubble.
  • In Washington, the bodies of the Freedom Fighters are found strung up on the Washington Mounment. Damage is also found, alive, and rushed to Metropolis General Hospital.
  • Exploiting the damage caused by the Spectre's war on magic and using Raven's soulself as a conduit, Brother Blood escapes from Hell in Titans Tower. He teleports to Los Angeles and unleashes an army of demons on the city. Raven and Beast Boy alert the other Titans.
  • Superman finds a broken and confused Mxy on the street, suffering from the effects of the war on magic. With Mxy's help, Superman deduces the identity of Ruin as Dr. Hamilton and sets out to find him. Ruin, however, has captured Pete Ross, Lana Lang, and their son, and set a trap to trick Lt. Leocadio into killing Ross. As Superman confronts Hamilton, Mxy is hit by a kryptonite arrow and apparently dies. Leocadio uncovers the deception and rescues Ross and Lang, while Superman disables Ruin's armor and departs to spread the word on Ross's innocence.
  • Lex Luthor travels to Alaska in pursuit of his doppleganger and kills two pilots, stealing a private jet and taking it to the Arctic. He is attacked by OMACs. The plane crashes, but Luthor puts on his battle armor and joyfully kills four of the cyborg sentinels.
  • Superman battles and finally defeats Blackrock for the last time.
  • Wonder Woman turns herself in at the Hague International Criminal Court. Donna Troy returns to Earth to invite her to New Chronus. She declines. Lois Lane arrives and asks Wonder Woman if she can lead her to a member of Checkmate. Wonder Woman tells her where she can find Jonah McCarthy.
  • Animal Man joins Donna Troy's team on New Chronus. Captain Marvel Junior feels the effects of Shazam's death and returns to Earth. On their way to the cosmic storm, the team encounters a Rannian spacecraft under attack by Thanagarians. The Rannians have stolen a reverred Thanagarian hawk. As Firestorm and Animal Man investigate, the Rannians kill the hawk, and the Thanagarians destroy the Rannian ship in retaliation, but they let the humans go.
  • Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Speedy join Raven and Beast Boy in Los Angeles and they engage Brother Blood in battle. In Smallville, Superboy ignores the Titans' summons for help. While the other Titans battle Blood and his demon and zombie minions, Raven and Beast Boy travel to Hell to close the door that separates Life and Death. With the door closed, Blood and his armies are damned back to Hell.
  • At the Hague, Wonder Woman is attacked by Cheetah, but subdues her. Meanwhile, the OMACs that had amassed over Bludhaven attack Themiscyra as retribution for Wonder Woman killing Max Lord.
  • As Power Girl returns home, she is attacked by Clayface, Giganta and other members of the Society led by Psycho Pirate in her apartment. The Kal-L rescues her and takes her to the Artic where he explains the Multiverse to her and the dimension where she originally came from. Kal invites her to join them in returning a better Earth to replace the current "corrupt" one.
  • Booster Gold returns from the future with a new Skeets. Startled that the crisis has begun, he begins a search for Blue Beetle's Scarab.
  • Upset that he has not been invited into the Society, the Joker interrogates and kills the Royal Flush Gang in an attempt to know why.
  • Captain Marvel Junior returns to the Outsiders. Katanna learns from Sabbac, who is trapped in her sword, that the Society was trying to capture Marvel Junior to power some sort of device.
  • Starfire feels the presence of the Tamaran god X'hal. She takes a travelsphere with Jade and Shift to investigate, but it is destroyed by Blackfire, who was imitating the god to draw out her sister. Although Blackfire subdues the heroes for a time, they escape, and Starfire incapacitates her. Donna Troy returns to rescue them and they continue the journey to the center of the universe.
  • Lois Lane locates Jonah McCarthy in Switzerland. He sends her to see Sasha Bordeaux, who pulled the trigger in the assassination attempt. Sasha tells Lois that she is attempting to reform Checkmate for the good of mankind. Lois leaves, satisfied that her "assassin" fell victim to Max Lord's machinations as well.
  • Learning that the American blockade, which had been established around the island since the island suffered an assault by Hera, was watching but doing nothing to aid the amazons as they are assailed by OMACs, Wonder Woman defies the ruling of the Hague International Criminal Court and joins the battle in Themyscira.
  • A group of Society villains attack Aquaman in Sub Diego, distracting the hero from the activities of Atlantis' sorcerors.
  • Fresh from his battle with Shazam, the Spectre attacks Gemworld, although Amethyst escapes with her life. The Spectre is quickly distracted by the sorcerors of Atlantis and attacks the city in full force, wiping it off the Earth. The Spectre then pursues and destroys T'Charr and Terataya, the Lords of Chaos and Order that give power to Hawk and Dove.
  • Nabu calls a meeting of the "big guns" of magic at the home of Madame Xanadu where they plan to take down the Spectre once and for all. While the Phantom Stranger gathers a massive number of magic-based heroes (including Shadowpact, the Marvels, and Zatanna) in the chaotic Gotham City to recapture the Seven Deadly Sins, Nabu seeks out the Spectre for a final reckoning.
  • Using some of the other heroes as bait for the Seven Deadly Sins, the Shadowpact capture them one by one. Meanwhile, Zatanna and the others collect the pieces of the Rock of Eternity and rebuild it.
  • When Brother Eye shows Batman the chaos on Themyscira, and Batman becomes overwhelmed with the rising events, Kal-L arrives at the Batcave to offer his help in replacing the Earth with Earth 2. Batman turns on him, using the kryptonite entrusted to him by Superman but to no effect. Kal-L destroys it and leaves, condemning his paranoia. Meanwhile, the Batcomputer continues to retrieve and decode the data from the JLA Watchtower black box.
  • As the Amazons kill more and more OMACs, Wonder Woman realizes that the battle is being broadcast to the world in a successful effort by Brother Eye to turn humanity against them. She encourages the Amazons to take the island and once again cut themselves off from Earth to save themselves without killing more OMAC hosts.
  • As the Society villains retreat from Sub Diego, Aquaman learns of the destruction of Atlantis.
  • The Outsiders start gathering intel on the Society and its mysterious device. Arsenal disguises himself as Deathstroke and convinces Society members Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang of his authenticity.
  • Donna Troy's team arrives in the Polaris System and begin fighting the chaos caused by the cosmic storm.
  • Unable to capture any of the Marvel family, the Society's Luthor has Psycho Pirate capture Black Adam instead. Moments later, the real Luthor attacks, destroying the Society Luthor's holographic equipment and revealing him to be Alexander Luthor. Superboy-Prime intervenes, crushing Lex's armor, but Lex teleports away before he can be killed.
  • Damage is transferred to a new facility after the doctors at Metropolis General do little to help him.
  • In Gotham, Felix Faust captures Nightshade, but not before she and the rest of Shadowpact trap each of the Seven Deadly Sins. With the Rock of Eternity reconstructed, Zatanna informs Captain Marvel he must become its new permanent resident in order to stabilize the wild magics. Meanwhile, Nabu tricks Spectre into killing him. As the final Lord of Chaos, Nabu knew his destruction would force God to take action against his spirit of vengeance. The Spectre dissolves, as he is readied for a new host. Nabu returns to Gotham with the news and gives his mask to the Shadowpact as he dies, foretelling the coming of a new Doctor Fate.
  • Captain Marvel takes residence in the Rock of Eternity, freeing Gotham's skies of the wild magics.
  • As night falls, the JSA responds to a crisis in Philadelphia as the hero Liberty Belle's powers run amuck.
  • Power Girl returns to the Arctic fortress and discovers the tuning fork contructed from the carcass of the Anti-Monitor. Attached to the machine are Breach, Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, Lady Quark, and the Ray. The stunned Power Girl is quickly knocked unconcious by Superboy-Prime.
  • Batman finally accesses the Watchtower black box video and sees footage of Superboy-Prime attacking Martian Manhunter and destroying the Watchtower on the order of "a Luthor."
  • In the Arctic, Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime attach Power Girl to their machine. With Power Girl subdued, Superboy-Prime finally receives permission to confront Kon-El. Kal-L returns to stand by the bedside of his Lois.

Day 15[]

  • Aquaman and Green Lantern evacuate the survivors of Atlantis as Aquaman examines the damage and finds the body of his son.
  • In Los Angeles, Firehawk comes out of retirement to battle nuclear-powered villainy.
  • Booster Gold traces the Blue Beetle Scarab to El Paso where he finds it fused to the spine of the boy Jaime who found it the day before.
  • Superboy-Prime confronts Kon-El in Smallville and cannot contain his anger over being replaced by him. He attacks him and the fight quickly moves to Keystone City. Conner finally uses his Titans communicator and a massive force of Titans past and present, Doom Patrol, and JSA arrive to help. The raging Superboy Prime accidently kills Pantha, then maniacally starts killing maining others, including Wildebeast and Red Star. After Speedy attempts to entrap him in the Phantom Zone with a specialized arrow, Wally West, Kid Flash, and Jay Garrick finally subdue him by forcing him into the Speed Force, but in the process, Wally West and his family are pulled somewhere else, and Kid Flash sees a vision of Barry Allen before they both disappear into the Speed Force. Jay Garrick immediately notices that the Speed Force vanishes along with them.
  • Following Superboy-Prime's escape from the Phantom Zone, the Doom Patrol regain their memories of their retconned lives due to his punches.
  • In the Polaris System, Firestorm is ripped apart by the energy storm, but Jason Rusch, one half of the Firestorm Matrix, is rescued from oblivion by the essence of Professor Martin Stein, who had been half of the old Firestorm.
  • With his tuning fork machine complete, Alex Luthor takes control of the OMACs from Brother Eye and sets them up as protectors of his fortress. He then uses the Psycho Pirate to force Black Adam to call on Shazam, and the magic unleashed by the Spectre proves to be the perfect fuel to power the device and vibrate the Earth in two.
  • Alexander Luthor uses his antimatter powers, along with the tower, to recreate Earth-2 (his hands appear within the intergalactic storm in the Polaris System). Persons who belonged original to Earth-2 suddenly disappear and reappear on the newly formed Earth-2, including Kal-L and Lois.
  • During a brief respite, the heroes of Earth-1 congregate for the chaos ahead.
  • As a further diversion, Alex Luthor has Deathstroke instruct the Brotherhood of Evil to drop Chemo on Bludhaven; destroying the city. The hero community immediately enters the city to save civilians while Superman himself rebuilds and contains Chemo.
  • Following the destruction of Bludhaven, communication along the East Coast is completely knocked out. In the Batcave, Nightwing forms a plan with Batman revealing that he is going to the Titans Tower in San Francisco, on the West Coast, to contact and organize the heroes against the new threat of Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor.
  • Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy and Speedy infiltrate an abandoned CADMUS Laboratory to find a cure to stop Conner's body from eating itself following his fight with Superboy-Prime.
  • Lex Luthor visits the Titans Tower and slips a Sunstone from Alex's Fortress of Solitude into Conner's pants before leaving.
  • As the Titans leave to assist the other hero groups, Wonder Girl stays behind with Conner.
  • After analysing the chaos, Robin volunteers to lead the rescue in Bludhaven. Superman agrees and informs the heroes involved of Robin's election as leader.
  • Both low in power, Conner takes Wonder Girl to Smallville where the pair make love.

Day 16[]

  • Before leaving Gotham, Grayson proposes to Barbara Gordon.
  • Booster Gold and Jaime enter the Batcave and meet with Batman to join him in his attack on Brother Eye, which Booster had learned about via his trip to the future.
  • Lex Luthor visits Conner in the Titans Tower.
  • Lois Lane of Earth-2 dies and Kal-L's cry is heard by Superman.
  • Wonder Woman attempts to stop riots in Boston but is regarded as a villain by the populace. As the populace runs away, Earth-2 Wonder Woman arrives to take Diana to Earth-2 to save the Supermen from killing each other.
  • Kal-L blames Superman (Kal-El) for everything that has gone wrong, including Lois' death, and attacks him. As the two fight they are sent to live on each other's Earth's where they lead the heroes the way they prefer; with both ending in ruin. They are stopped by Wonder Woman.
  • Batman marshals a taskforce to find and destroy Brother Eye.
  • Nightwing sends a call to arms from the Titans Tower, only Conner is free to respond to the call.
  • Alex Luthor recreates the Multiverse and the planets begin destroying each other as they attempt to occupy the same space. He begins to methodically grab and merge the various Earths in various attempts to create an Earth to his liking.
  • Major disasters begin erupting around the planet as heroes and villains begin disappearing and reappearing as their original Earths reappear.
  • Conner and Nightwing embark to the Antartic to shut Alex's tower down.
  • Ares appears to Wonder Girl, revealing that the gods were retreating from the existant plane and that Zeus was taking all of the power he had bestowed upon his children with him. Ares bestows his own powers to Wonder Girl in return that she accepts him as her brother.
  • The Phantom Stranger gathers the remaining magic users and attempts to summon the Spectre's help to save the Earth. The summoning fails as the Spectre kills some of the magic users instead.
  • Bart Allen returns from the Speed Force as an adult, arriving in Tokyo in time to warn Kimiyo Hoshi that Superboy-Prime had escaped the Speed Force also before passing out.
  • Wonder Girl arrives to assist Nightwing and Conner with her new powers and the three begin freeing the entrapped heroes and villains within Luthor's tower.
  • Batman's team finds and infiltrates Brother Eye.
  • Stranded on Earth-2, Superman, Kal-L and Wonder Woman are caught and nearly destroyed when Alex Luthor attempts to merge Earth-2 and Earth-3, however, he is stopped by the combined attack of the warriors in the Polaris system who concentrate their firepower and destroy part of his finger when Firestorm converts their energy attacks into raw positive matter to counter his anti-matter power.
  • Freed from the tower, Black Adam kills Psycho Pirate as Superboy-Prime returns and demands Luthor bring back Earth-Prime.
  • Brother Eye attempts to divert Batman by showing him Nightwing about to fight Superboy-Prime. Batman activates the satellite's propulsion rockets and throws it out of orbit. Regrouping his team he then embarks to the arctic.
  • Conner intervenes on Superboy-Prime's attack on Nightwing and pulls the hero into the tower, destroying the tower and killing himself in the process.
  • With the tower destroyed, the Earth's reform into one Earth again.

Day 17[]

  • Alex Luthor and Superboy-Prime escape the Arctic. Luthor organizes the Society to break open every metahuman prison and destroy Metropolis in a new plan to conquer the newly formed Earth.
  • The Battle of Metropolis erupts.
  • Kal-L enters the battlefield and confronts Luthor but Superboy-Prime rebels; obsessed on wanting to return to Earth-Prime and to ensure the current "corrupt" Earth's destruction.
  • Bart Allen arrives to deter Superboy-Prime but Prime forms a new plan to destroy Oa and start a new Big Bang; restarting the universe with only himself as the universe's hero.
  • Kal-L attempts to reason with Superboy-Prime but is ignored.
  • As Batman, Robin and Nightwing take down Deathstroke, Alex Luthor shoots Nightwing while attempting to kill Batman.
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  • The amassed Green Lantern Corps meets to confront and stop Superboy-Prime's attack, stalling him enough for Superman and Kal-L to catch and drag him through Krypton's red sun, Rao, to strip him of his powers. The trio are caught by the planet Mogo.
  • On the verge of breaking his rule on killing, Batman aims a gun at Alex Luthor but is convinced to back off by Wonder Woman.
  • Enraged, upset and confused on why Kal-L was now fighting him when he was trying to cleanse the universe of corruption, Superboy-Prime beats Kal-L to death in his fury.
  • Dictating what really defines what a hero is, Superman manages to knock Superboy-Prime out before seccumbing to the kryptonite around him.


  • Superboy-Prime is imprisoned by the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Lying low in Gotham City, Alex Luthor is eventually found and killed by Lex Luthor and the Joker.
  • Depowered due to flying through Rao, Kal-El turns to being Clark Kent full time while Wonder Woman; with no mission of peace to perform now that the olympian gods have abandoned the realm, makes a new identity to get a better perspective on the lives of those she is fighting for. Bruce, Timothy Drake and Richard Grayson also take a journey across the globe together to reform their relationships and remake the Batman.
  • Krypto, missing his master, searches the planet for Kon-El only to eventually find the end of his scent at the ruins of Luthor's Tuning fork.


  • According to Black Adam, a total of 5,079,432 people died during the Crisis.
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