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Iceberg Lounge
Iceburg lounge

Owner: Bruce Wayne/Oswald Cobblepot

Designation: Headquarters

Affiliation: The Penguin

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The Iceberg Lounge is a trendy nightclub owned by Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham City's Fashion District.

When the Penguin chose to change his focus from criminal to criminal broker, he established the Iceberg Lounge as his base of operations. Ostensibly a posh nightclub, the Iceberg Lounge catered to Gotham City's hip and wealthy social set. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot served as host and booked numerous singers and musicians to perform as well as employing three beauties (Jay, Raven and Lark) to run the club for him in his absence.

Behind the scenes, though, the Penguin ran his criminal enterprises, laundering stolen cash and trading on information.

The building sustained serious damage when an earthquake struck Gotham, but the Penguin continued to operate, moving the lounge to the Davenport Towers. Then, when the federal government withdrew support, the city became a No Man's Land, and still the Penguin operated, profiting more than ever. He bartered goods and services to all comers, siphoning off enough to sustain himself. He also knew of an access tunnel that enabled materiel and supplies to flow into the city.

After the city was reintegrated into America, the Penguin had the lounge rebuilt, only to discover that the building was now owned by Bruce Wayne, who kept a close eye on the business. Soon after, the Penguin was chased out of Gotham City by Black Mask, but he returned and continued to operate the lounge. His business thrived during the year Batman was missing from Gotham, with the Penguin addng a lucrative line of T-shirts and other souvenirs.
Despite making plenty of money from legitimate sources, the Penguin refused to give up his even more porfitable criminal ways, and so conducts casino operations in the lounge's back rooms.

The current lounge is a two-story, 12,800-square-foot restaurant and lounge including a large pool for pet seals and penguins in the center dining area, an iceberg-like sculpture in the pool, a ship themed dance floor, and polar decor. A tuxedoed jazz band on the sculpture is often seen playing tunes. The Penguin has his own private dining area, upstairs near the bar where he can oversee everything. Some of the nightclub's more secret areas include the Penguin's office and armory, and some of the Iceberg Lounge's hidden back rooms, which serve various criminal purposes. Batman often infiltrates the Iceberg Lounge to keep an eye on The Penguin's after-hours activities, usually under the guise of Matches Malone.

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