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Hogan's Alley

Owner: Hank Hogan
Designation: Police Bar
Affiliation: Civilian
First Appearance:
Nightwing #4

Hogan's Alley is a police bar in the Melville district of Bludhaven. Numerous members of the Bludhaven Police Department retire at the bar between, after, or sometimes during, shifts, sharing stories and catching up with the latest gossip around tables of beer.

Owned by ex-Bludhaven cop Hank Hogan, Richard Grayson gained part-time employment as a bartender at the bar in order to gain a more reliable source of information before enrolling at the police academy to become a Bludhaven police recruit.
The bar was destroyed along with the rest of Bludhaven during the events of the Infinite Crisis.


  • The reason Grayson gives for wanting to work in a cop bar is that he's an "aspiring writer" who wants to listen to good stories.
  • The bar was ten blocks from Grayson's apartment.
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