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Helena Bertinelli's Apartment

An old brownstone apartment building on Moldoff Avenue in Gotham's Upper East Side district, this building has been home to Helena Bertinelli since her arrival in Gotham City to continue her vendetta against her family's killers.
Having killed those responsible, she stays to continue fighting the remaining mafiosi and live a life as an English teacher in Gotham's school systems.

Helena's apartment resides on an upper floor, attached to a fire escape which she uses as her primary entry and exit as the Huntress.


  • During No Man's Land, Helena stayed in the city and carved a "safe zone" around her apartment block where no gang members dared to tread less they suffer the Huntress' wrath.
  • The majority of the Bat Family members know Helena's apartment and sometimes make personal visits while she is home, or sometimes when she's not.
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