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Hall of Justice

Owner: Justice League of America
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Justice League of America
First Appearance:
JLA #7 (April 2007)

Following the Infinite Crisis and the destruction of the moonbased Watchtower, the Justice League was reformed by Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Superman (Kal-El) and Batman (Bruce Wayne) and with this new reformation, a new Watchtower was built in the form of an orbiting satellite, orbiting 22,300 miles above the Earth and with it a new "Hall of Justice" in Washington DC to act as a public forum and a museum of sorts to allow the public to witness firsthand what the heroes do.
Inside the Hall are many exhibits, including trophy rooms of weapons used by villains and heroes (all of which were dismantled and made useless by Batman). Although not their primary headquarters during missions, it does have a primary meeting hall in which many JLA meetings are held, with Black Canary as chairperson.

Linked with the JLA Watchtower (Satellite) in space via an archway-type teleporation system, dubed 'Slideways', the builging was designed by both Diana Prince and John Stewart, built by Kal-El and paid for by Bruce Wayne.
For defences the Hall is reinforced with blast resistant concrete and 400-436 tons of titanium plates, in addition to possessing an energy dome that can encompass the building in emergencies.

Rooms in the hall include:

  • High Technology Clean Lab #2 (H.T.C.L. 2): The most advanced Laboratory of its kind in North America.
  • Gift Shop
  • The Morgue: Where the JLA keeps the bodies of their enemies. Mainly for the purpose of protecting the corpses from body snatching operations that are harvesting superhuman parts for re-use. It is located 3 stories below the Meeting Room.

During the Blackest Night, the Hall was infiltrated by Black Laterns while the Justice League was dealing with Prometheus. Ressurecting the corpses of the fallen heroes and villains that were kept in the Hall's morgue, the surviving injured JLA members were forced to evacuate from the Hall.

During the Final Crisis, the Hall of Justice acted as a shelter for survivors of the Anti-Life Equation. It's shields could only last so long, however, and it's occupants were forced to flee to the Watchtower satellite as the hall was invaded by Justifiers.


  • The Hall contains at least 12 floors.
  • The Hall is located in the same location where the JSA and All-Star Squadron's original headquarters was located in the 1940's.
  • The Hall shares the same diplomatic privileges as a foreign embassy. They can legally give asylum to anyone they want, including supervillains.
  • The Hall is architecturally similar to the Hall of Justice as seen in the 1970s Super-Friends television series.
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