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Hall of Doom
Hall of Doom 02

Owner: Injustice League of America
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Injustice League of America
First Appearance:
Super Friends (Wanted: The Super Friends)

Headquarters of the Injustice League, the Hall of Doom is a secret facility located in Slaughter Swamp. Possessing limited mobility, the Hall of Doom could be lowered below or raised above the swamp water's surface.

The Injustice League used this base for only a brief period of time before being routed by a new incarnation of the Justice League. The hall later became a temporary haven for the time-displaced Triplicate Girl who encountered the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America while on a mission for her own team, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and served later still as a home base for Libra while he rallied Earth's villains to serve Darkseid's purposes.


  • The Hall of Doom stood as the villianous counterpart to the Justice League's Washington-based headquarters, the Hall of Justice.
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