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Gotham University

Owner: United States Government
Designation: Public University
Affiliation: Civilian

Gotham State University, also known as GSU and Gotham University, is the prominant university of Gotham City.

One of Gotham's oldest and most prestigious universities, Gotham University has given rise to many of the nation's brilliant minds and thinkers. Founded in 1898, the university became a highlight in academic education, resulting in it possessing its own bank and a museum with a priceless art collection.
The district surrounding the university caters to university students; consisting of various cafe/diners, recreation and student accomodation.

Following her return to Gotham, Stephanie Brown became enrolled in Gotham University as a freshman.


  • Booster Gold attended Gotham University on a Football Scholarship in the year 2462.
  • Harleen Quinzel studied psychology at Gotham University via a Gymnastics Scholarship.
  • Doctor Jonathan Crane once taught psychology at Gotham University.
  • Barbara Gordon graduated summa cum laude ("with very great honor") with a Ph.D and doctorate in library science at Gotham State University. While mentoring Stephanie Brown as the new Batgirl, Barbara later found employment as an assistant professor for the university.
  • Though its primary sport is American Football, the college also hosts high end Gymnastics and Golf teams.
  • Cassandra Cain's apartment was located near Gotham University.
  • Wayne Enterprises has a corporate scholarship program with full tuition coverage for Wayne Enterprises employees.
  • Before she became a superhero, Jesse Chambers (aka Jesse Quick) studied meta-humans at Gotham University, writing a dissertation on “Mystery-Men and Their Effects on Culture.”
  • During his retirement from the force, James Gordon taught criminology at Gotham University.
  • Jean-Paul Valley used to be a graduate student in computer science from Gotham University before succeeding his father as an assassin and protector for the Order of St Dumas known as Azrael.
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