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Issue: Gotham Underground #5
Subtitle: Gotham Underground Book Five: Pieces of the Puzzle
Date: April 2008
Feature Characters: Penguin, Johnny Stitches, Tobias Whale
Supporting Characters: Bruno Mannheim, Mr Jessup, Matches malone
Villains: Dessaad, Bane
Guest Appearances: Joker, Stephanie Brown
Other Characters: Amygdala

With the accumulating disappearances of Gotham's villians, Intergang and the Hundred crime organization begins making plans to operate in Gotham as Penguin tries to build up his forces to fight them off.

"Oh, waiter! There appears to be a dead girl in my soup. Two, actually."
— Joker

Gotham Underground5 1 - Gotham Underground5 2 - Gotham Underground5 3 - Gotham Underground5 4

Cover Art:

GU 5

- Countdown 11 tie-in
- First appearance of Stephanie Brown since her "death" in the War Games arc

Gotham Underground 5

- Frank Tieri

- J. Calafiore

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and the Outsiders #7
- Batman and the Outsiders #8
- Batman and the Outsiders #9
- Gotham Underground #5
- Gotham Underground #7
- Gotham Underground #9
- Batman and the Outsiders #10

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