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Gotham Metropolitan Ballet

The Gotham Metropolitan Ballet is a dance school and theatre located in Gotham City. A famed center for ballet and other forms of dance, the theatre was once owned by Elaine Torsky, one of the world's greatest dancers.

Shortly after the Joker's Endgame incident, the theatre became "haunted" by a "strange figure in the shadows" that tended to watch student rehearsals each night. This "strange figure" was Cassandra Cain, who had managed to create a home within the theatre's upper maintenance rooms and had taken to watching the ballet rehearsals in secret due to her new-found love for ballet and dance.



Cass' room in the Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey comic series

  • Christine Montclair has been a student of the theatre since she was six years old and had been handed a key to the theatre's main stage by Elaine Torsky when she turned fifteen. As one of the theatre's premier dancers, Christine was frequently stalked by Cassandra. During Lady Shiva's attack on Gotham, Christine discovered Cassandra's "room" when she noticed her sneaking back into the theatre while wounded and the pair have been friends ever since.
  • While the theatre seems to be her main domicile, it is not the only place she "lives at" in Gotham. Stephanie Brown and Harper Row have both stated that Cassandra sometimes visited their apartments at night to sleep on their couches and/or watch ballet on television. Additionally, Batman had set up a place of her own to occupy however apparently she rarely, if ever, goes there.
  • In the slightly alternate Earth of the Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey comic series, Cassandra is shown living in the Gotham Metropolitan Ballet with Detective Renee Montoya's full knowledge. Her room in the theatre is also depicted as being considerably larger than the Earth Prime variant.
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