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Issue: Gotham Knights #48
Primary Title: Veritas Liberat Chapter Two: Family Reunion
Date: February 2004
Primary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Robin (Timothy Drake), Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Primary Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Leslie Thompkins, Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Primary Villains: Sir Edmund Dorrance, Bane
Primary Guest Appearances: Flash (Wally West)
Primary Other Characters:

Primary Plot:
Batman asked Huntress for help in the Bane situation. She gave him her Checkmate files on Kobra. Meanwhile in the Himalayas, Bane believed he'd found his father - Dorrance. He fed the near-starved man and got him to talk about Santa Prisca. He told him about the affair he'd had with a woman there before losing his eyesight. Bane spoke of the woman who had to serve his sentence, her death, and him carrying on the sentence. Alfred spoke with Barbara and Leslie about what was happening while Bruce, Tim, Dick, and Cassandra made way for the mountains, quickly coming under attack by Kobra missiles.

"I think Bane's lighting our way in."
— Nightwing

Secondary Title: The Mob is Dead, Long Live the Mob
Secondary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Secondary Supporting Characters:
Secondary Villains: Carmine "Smoots" Genna, Johnny "the Snitch" Palmintieri
Secondary Guest Appearances:
Secondary Other Characters:

Secondary Plot:
A former snitch of Batman's tries to set himself up as a new mob boss but all is not what it seems.

"The Mob. The Syndicate. The Outfit. The Arm. The Mafia. Whatever they're calling it these days, I left it to the Gotham P.D. years ago. And they're shown no mercy."
— Batman

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Gotham Knights 48

- Scott Beatty
- Eric Cherry

- Roger Robinson, John Floyd
- Eric Cherry

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #52
- Gotham Knights #46
- Gotham Knights #47
- Gotham Knights #48
- Gotham Knights #49
- City of Light 1/8
- City of Light 2/8


Cover Art:

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