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Issue: #45
Primary Title: Knights Passed Part Three: Fathers and Sons
Date: November 2003
Primary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Primary Supporting Characters: Felix Desidero, Alfred Pennyworth, Richard Grayson, Timothy Drake, Cassandra Cain, Dr Robert Langstrom, Aaron Langstrom
Primary Villains: N/A
Primary Guest Appearances: Two Face
Primary Other Characters: Dr Francine Langstrom, Rebecca Langstrom, Montae Mickelson

Primary Plot:
Felix Desidero arrives at Wayne Manor to conduct his interview into the death of Jason Todd as Kirk Langstrom searches Gotham City for his missing son. Eventually Batman and Kirk encounter each other and Kirk detects his son's scent on Batman's suit, resulting in the deduction that Aaron was hiding out within the Batcave.

"Truth sets you free."
— Cassandra Cain

Secondary Title: Sidekick
Secondary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Secondary Supporting Characters: N/A
Secondary Villains: N/A
Secondary Guest Appearances: N/A
Secondary Other Characters: N/A

Secondary Plot:
As Batman performs a sting operation he discovers a baby on the roof of the Batmobile. Unable to find where the baby came from he is forced to carry the baby as he stalks the thugs, however the babies presence reveals his presence, causing trouble for him, however the largest thug stands down when he sees the baby, resulting in a peaceful arrest. After the police arrive he discovers the baby's mother, and the sibling that had delivered him to him.

"I already have a robin."
— Batman

Gotham Knights 45 1 - Gotham Knights 45 2 - Gotham Knights 45 3 - Gotham Knights 45 4
[[Gotham Knights 45|200px]]

- Scott Beatty

- Roger Robinson

Chronology:Full List
- JLA #80
- Detective Comics #790
- Gotham Knights #42
- Gotham Knights #45
- Action Comics #804
- Batgirl #39
- Batgirl #40

- Gotham City
~ Langstrom Farm
~ Wayne Manor
~ Batcave
- Batman Uniform
- Batmobile 2003 (Gotham Knights 45)

- Alludes to events in Gotham Knights #42

Cover Art:

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