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Issue: Gotham Knights #42
Primary Title: 20 Days Less One
Date: August 2003
Primary Feature Characters: Bruce Wayne, Richard Grayson, Timothy Drake, Cassandra Cain, Alfred Pennyworth, Leslie Thompkins
Primary Supporting Characters: Barbara Gordon
Primary Villains:
Primary Guest Appearances: Bane, Superman (Kal-El), Justice League, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Atom (Raymond Palmer), Aaron Langstrom
Primary Other Characters: Felix Desidero, Michael Atkins, The Riddler, James Gordon

Primary Plot:
Dr. Thompkins discovered Alfred had a variation of the Clench. She suspected the bats in the cave had contracted it from Tim, and had passed it on to Alfred. After seven days, Bruce ended the quarantine - no one else was getting sick. A man from social services came to Wayne Manor to speak with Bruce about Jason Todd, but got the door slammed in his face. Superman helped steal an experimental cure from Luthor, which cured Alfred. They dosed the bats, evacuating them from the cave. The original Green Lantern and the Atom helped out while Batman was unable to.

"I..I got your decoder ring when I was a kid. I got it out of a box of Crackerjacks."
— Commissioner Akins to Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Secondary Title: Gargoyles of Gotham
Secondary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Secondary Supporting Characters:
Secondary Villains:
Secondary Guest Appearances: James Gordon
Secondary Other Characters: J.D., Georgina Gerstner, Leonard Oldman

Secondary Plot:
Bruce Wayne attends an art show highlighting the gargoyles of Gotham City.

"Good architecture should always be heroic."
— Leonard Oldman

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Gotham Knights 42

- Scott Beatty
- Dean Motter

- David Ross, John Floyd
- Dean Motter

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #38
- JLA #80
- Detective Comics #790
- Gotham Knights #42
- Gotham Knights #45
- Action Comics #804
- Batgirl #39

- Gotham City
~ Wayne Manor
~ Batcave
- Lexcorp

- Batclan Environment Suit


Cover Art:

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