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Issue: Gotham Knights #2
Primary Title: Down with the Ship
Date: April 2000
Primary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Primary Supporting Characters:
Primary Villains: Raton
Primary Guest Appearances:
Primary Other Characters: Adigun, Bill

Primary Plot:
Batman and Batgirl checked on an alleged bomb aboard an oil tanker leaving Gotham City. People had been captured during NML (and there were no records to say if they were alive or dead) were being shipped to the Middle East as slaves. The would-be-slaves set off their bomb. The crew abandoned ship and locked their captives in. Batman and Batgirl saw the explosion and set off toward it. They were able to rescue those left onboard; Batman had to convince Batgirl not to go down with the ship.

"No! This is not how it works! You do not push me to safety! You keep assuming we're on suicide missions. That's not how I work. It's not effective. Where's your grapple? You left it behind somewhere? The portal! It's the exit! I always leave an exit. I knew I could climb to it with my grapple when the boat listed again, but you don't have your grapple! You're in a death trap and there's no reason for it!
Unacceptable. You do not quit. You fight your way to the exit.
I know. I know what it's like to hate yourself. I know what it's like to view every fight as a potential excuse to go out in a blaze of glory. But that's no way to win. I could save you again, but I'm not going to. If you want to continue working with me...with my need to commit. You need to decide in your bones that you're not goint to lie down and die, not going to go down with the ship -- and you need to do it now.
— Batman

Secondary Title:
Secondary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Robin (Richard Grayson)
Secondary Supporting Characters: James Gordon
Secondary Villains: "Thick" and "Thin" Lyman
Secondary Guest Appearances:
Secondary Other Characters: Morton

Secondary Plot:
A story from the world of Earth 2 where Batman and Robin must somehow follow a group of mafiosi to their drug shipment in order to get them convicted on charges.


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Gotham Knights 2

- Devin Grayson
- John Byrne

- Dale Eaglesham
- John Floyd
- John Byrne

Chronology:Full List
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #61
- Detective Comics #741
- Gotham City Secret Files and Origins #1
- Gotham Knights #2
- Guide to the DC Universe 2000 Secret Files and Origins
- No Mans Land Secret Files and Origins #1
- Batman Outlaws Part 1

- Gotham City
~ Gotham Docks
- Batman Uniform
- Batgirl Uniform


Cover Art:

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