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Gotham Gazette (Earth Prime)

The Gotham Gazette is one of the largest daily newspapers in Gotham City with nation-wide syndication across North America.

In competition with the Gotham Globe and the Gotham Herald, the Gazette is well known for its Crime section; which features stories on the city's numerous dangerous villains.
One of the paper's more notable employees is photojournalist Victoria Elizabeth Vale, who has worked for the Gazette at various points in her journalistic career.

Following the Flashpoint incident, the timeline of the original Gotham Gazette was altered. In this new timeline, six years after the appearance of Batman, the Gazette's current Editor in Chief is Mario Ito. Crime Editor Warren Spacey (famed for writing the first article on the Joker following the villain's attack on the Gotham reservoir) oversees the paper's crime editorials and acts as Victoria Vale's superior; who still strives to write editorials on incidents surrounding the Batman and the city's criminal element.


  • As seen in Batman Eternal #2, the Gazette building is located on Moldo Avenue in the Upper East Side district to the east of Robinson Park.
  • Bruce Wayne funded the "digitizing" of the Gotham Gazette as part of his bid to renew Gotham City.
  • Three years after the appearance of the Batman, Tommy Blackcrow, having spent five years as the Gazette's foreign correspondent, volunteered to write an in detail article on the Joker and becomes targeted as the villain's "friend"; killing all of the reporter's friends and driving him to Arkham Asylum/Arkham Manor.
  • Iris West once worked as an intern reporter for the Gotham Gazette. While doing research for the drug Icarus during Gotham's Zero Year, she met and aided Central City Forensic scientist Barry Allen (who was in the city to give aid following the city's blackout) in locating and impounding the drug shipment before the hurricane "Rene" hit the city.
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