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Gotham Gazette

The Gotham Gazette is one of the largest daily newspapers in Gotham City with nation-wide syndication across North America.

In competition with the Gotham Globe and the Gotham Herald, the Gazette is noted for producing articles about the Batman and other super heroes and villains.
One of the paper's more notable employees is photojournalist Victoria Elizabeth Vale, who has worked for the Gazette at various points in her journalistic career. During her time at the Gazette, she was known for her fascination with stories involving the Batman.

Following the Flashpoint incident, the history and appearance of the Gazette was rewritten.


  • Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, had once worked for the Gazette early in his career.
  • The Gotham Gazette shares its name with the real-world Gotham Gazette newspaper in New York.
  • In the mid-1960's, a newsletter titled the Gotham Gazette was published by Biljo White to inform comic readers of Batman events.
  • The Gotham Gazette first appeared in Detective Comics #105 (November, 1945).
  • Every Saturday the Gotham Gazette includes a small life-styles piece called "Gotham Is" where random Gothamites are asked to complete the sentence "Gotham is..." using three words or less.
  • Selina Kyle's favorite section in the Gotham Gazette is The Crime Beat. She keeps a scrapbook of her "Greatest Hits" as reported from the section.
  • Senior Writer in the Gotham Gazette, Simon Lippman, is an old-school reporter who has a working relationship with the members of the GCPD. Known for his strict adherence to not revealing his sources under any circumstance, the GCPD trusts Lippman enough to reveal information on a case that they may not reveal to other reporters. In exchange, Lippman may sometimes share information that may otherwise assist in their cases.
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