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Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs

The Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs is an abandoned animal shelter that was converted and sold by the Broker to Catwoman to serve as a lair for herself, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn following the Final Crisis and Richard Grayson's usurpation of the Batman mantle.

Possessing multiple floors, the lair featured, in addition to traditional living areas and rooms, a greenhouse and laboratory for Ivy, a pool and gymnasium for Selina and a playroom for Harley. The lair also featured a computer room for the girl's technical requirements while Harley's hyena's were kept within the animal pens in the shelter's basement to keep them from harassing Selina's cats and Ivy's plants.

After Selina convinced Harley and Ivy to leave the Riddler's apartment (where the duo had been hiding out, with Riddler having fallen under Ivy's pheromones), the trio came under attack by the Joker's ex-sidekick Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy, who wished to kill Harley Quinn for replacing him as the Joker's number two. Programming a robot-Joker to drive the Jokermobile into the lair, Ivy was forced to enlarge and sacrifice her barrel cactus to provide water to put out the resulting fire.
While embarking to fight "Gaggy", Selina hired The Carpenter (Jenna Duffy) to repair the damage from the attack and to retrofit the building to meet the demands of the three girls; with Duffy finishing the remodelling on the eve of Christmas.

After the girls were momentarily driven out of the hideout by Doctor Aesop, who had been intending on buying it before he had been shot by Hush before the Final Crisis incident the shelter was destroyed by Talia al Ghul, who wanted to kill Selina Kyle to protect Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman, the girls temporarily relocated to an abandoned Arboretum (which was also sold by The Broker) before Harley ran off to infiltrate Arkham Asylum and kill the Joker.

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