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Gotham City Public Library

The Gotham City Public Library is the largest public library in Gotham City and one of the largest public libraries in the United States. While the main building is situated within Old Gotham, the library possesses many branch buildings in other parts of the city.

A multi-story building with an incorporated reading room, the library was designed to provide free access of information for the masses. By federal mandate at least one copy of every book sold in the city must be catalogued within the library and as such the library contains some of the oldest and rarest books in the city.

Following the earthquake and Gotham's eviction from the United States, the library was restored by Wayne Enterprises at a price of 6 million dollars.


  • Barbara Gordon once worked as head librarian within the library.
  • Cassandra, on instruction from Oracle, once entered the library to locate The Mars Conspiracy; a conspiracy book said to reveal the actions of a secret government organization.
  • During No Man's Land, people used books from the library to use as fuel for fire, Gordon stopped this practise once the library fell into Blue Boys territory.
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