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Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities

Owner: Gateway City
Designation: Public Museum
First Appearance:
Wonder Woman #106 (February, 1996)

The Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities is a public museum specializing in artifacts of ancient cultures.

Located in Gateway City, the museum also features various exhibits on Wonder Woman and the Amazons of Themyscira following the hero's stay in the city and work within the museum.

Upon taking up residence in Gateway City with the museum's director, Helena Sandsmark, and her daughter, Cassandra Sandsmark, Diana took a job as a visiting lecturer on Greco-Roman mythology at the museum. However, due to her identity being public, the museum became a frequent target by those wishing to attack the Amazon.

When businessman Sebastian Ballesteros allied with Circe and captured Vanessa Kapatelis to turn her into a new Silver Swan, he had the Silver Swan attack Diana (who was living in New York at the time) by first destroying the Sandsmark's residence and then attacking the museum before then attacking Dennis Peterson High School and publicly outing Cassandra Sandsmark as Wonder Girl.

While the museum was repaired following the attack, it came under threat again by Circe, Giganta, Doctor Psycho and Cheetah, who wished to goad Diana out of exile following the Infinite Crisis. Some time later, the museum's entrance was mobbed by rioters following Themyscira's attack on the United States. This was due to the museum's exhibit on the Amazons, which the fearful public, and some of the museum's curators, wished to shut down.



  • The museum features the largest collection of Greek artifacts outside of Greece.
  • One Year after the Infinite Crisis, the New York Cultural Museum showcased an exhibit on Themyscira and Wonder Woman; using various artefacts that were once housed within Themyscira House before it was closed.
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